Welcome mappyfile as official OSGeo Community Project


OSGeo is pleased to welcome mappyfile as official OSGeo Community Project.

mappyfile is a Python library that can be used to create, parse, modify, and format MapServer Mapfiles. It was first released in 2017 and presented at FOSS4G Europe that year. It has been continually developed since.

With a new official version 1.0 released to celebrate becoming an OSGeo Community Project.

Tom Kralidis (OSGeo Board member) says, “it is exciting to see mappyfile in the OSGeo Community project ecosystem. mappyfile makes MapServer mapfiles fully composable with minimum dependencies. This has proven very flexible and powerful for projects with real-time and automated workflows. Congratulations and welcome mappyfile!”.

mappyfile can be used to easily update and adapt Mapfiles for different environments and datasets. It is a Python library with no dependencies on MapServer and can easily be deployed to reformat and validate Mapfiles as part of a continuous integration pipeline. mappyfile includes Mapfile schemas for different versions of MapServer allowing Mapfiles to be easily migrated to newer versions of MapServer.

If you are using many Mapfiles across different environments and projects please give mappyfile a try!

An online-editor built on mappyfile is available at https://app.mapserverstudio.net/.

Source Code https://github.com/geographika/mappyfile

Documentation https://mappyfile.readthedocs.io/

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