The European local chapter of OSGeo is one year old

FOSS4G Europe, code sprint Guimarães, Portugal, Europe, 21 July 2018

OSGeo Europe will focus to help the local European ecosystem with the adoption of open source and lobbying to include the use of open source software and promote the creation of open source software in all European taxpayer funded projects. The created software should be returned to the citizen, and OSGeo can help to control if this process works well.

It is exactly one year ago, on the FOSS4G Europe conference in Marne La Vallee, the European Local chapter was found.

Image of the OSGeo Europe foundation team

As one of the first successful initiatives the chapter organised some activities to establish an INSPIRE version of the OSGeoLive environment.

Another important initiative is the launch during this FOSS4G conference of the OSGeo Europe eco system. Involved Industry partners, universities and governmental departments are bundling forces to promote open source on a collaborative booth. The first initiative is taken place on the INSPIRE Conference and 5 partners where willing to tell their story why they became involved in OSGeo on our common booth

OSGeo European ecosystem
OSGeo European ecosystem

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