PROJ 8.1.1

On behalf of the PROJ development team I am happy to announce the release of PROJ 8.1.1

Download the archives here:

The PROJ release includes a number of bug fixes and updates to the transformation database (see details below).


8.1.1 Release Notes


o EPSG Database updated to version 10.028 (#2773)

Bug Fixes

o Include algorithm header file to avoid build errors on Alpine Linux (#2769)

o CMake: fix installation of executables on iOS (#2766)

o Associate extents to transformations of CRS’s that include GEOIDMODEL (#2769)

o Logging: avoid some overhead when logging is not enabled (#2775)

o ortho: remove useless and invalid log trace (#2777)

o CMake: remove external nlohmann_json from INTERFACE_LINK_LIBRARIES target (#2781)
o createOperations(): fix SourceTargetCRSExtentUse::NONE mode (#2783)

o GeoTIFF grid reading: perf improvements (#2788)

o Conversion::createUTM(): avoid integer overflow (#2796)

when appropriates (#2801)

o Make sure that proj_crs_promote_to_3D returns a derived CRS (#2806)

o createOperations(): fix missing deg<–>rad conversion when transforming with a
CRS that has a fallback-to-PROJ4-string behaviour and is a BoundCRS of a
GeographicCRS (#2808)

o WKT2 import/export: preserve PROJ.4 CRS extension string in REMARKS[] (#2812)

o BoundCRS: accept importing/exporting in WKT2 and PROJJSON the
scope/area/extent/id attributes (#2815)

o ConcatenatedOperation::fixStepsDirection(): fix bad chaining of steps when
inverse map projection is involved in non-final step (#2819)

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