PROJ 7.2.1 & PROJ-data 1.4

On behalf of the PROJ development team I am happy to announce the release of PROJ 7.2.1 and PROJ-data 1.4.

The PROJ release includes updates to the database and a number of bug fixes.
See the detailed release notes below.

The PROJ-data package adds two new grid files (au_ga_AGQG_20191107.tif and eu_nkg_nkgrf2017vel.tif) that are referenced in the database updates.

Get the packages here:



7.2.1 Release Notes


o Add metadata with the version number of the database layout (#2474)

o Split coordinateoperation.cpp and test_operation.cpp in several parts (#2484)

o Update to EPSG v10.008 (#2490)

o Added the NKG 2008 and 2020 transformations in proj.db (#2495)

Bug fixes

o Set CURL_ENABLED definition on projinfo build (#2405)

o createBoundCRSToWGS84IfPossible(): make it return same result with a CRS
built from EPSG code or WKT1 (#2412)

o WKT2 parsing: several fixes related to map projection parameter units (#2428)

o createOperation(): make it work properly when one of the CRS is a BoundCRS of
a DerivedGeographicCRS (+proj=ob_tran +o_proj=lonlat +towgs84=….) (#2441)

o WKT parsing: fix ingestion of WKT with a Geocentric CRS as the base of the
projected CRS (#2443)

make it work when comparing easting,northing,up and northing,easting,up (#2446)

o createOperation(): add a ballpark vertical transformation when dealing
with GEOIDMODEL[] (#2449)

o Use same arguments to printf format string for both radians and degrees in
output by cct (#2453)

o PRIMEM WKT handling: fixes on import for ‘sexagesimal DMS’ or from WKT1:GDAL/ESRI
when GEOGCS UNIT != Degree; morph to ESRI the PRIMEM name on export (#2455)

o createObjectsFromName(): in exact match, make looking for ‘ETRS89 / UTM zone 32N’
return only the exact match (#2462)

o Inverse tmerc spherical: fix wrong sign of latitude when lat_0 is used (#2469)

o Add option to allow export of Geographic/Projected 3D CRS in WKT1_GDAL (#2470)

o Fix building proj.db with SQLite built with -DSQLITE_DQS=0 (#2480)

o Include JSON Schema files in CMake builds (#2485)

o createOperations(): fix inconsistent chaining exception when transforming from BoundCRS of projected CRS based on NTF Paris to BoundCRS of geog CRS NTF Paris (#2486)

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