OSGeo welcomes 13 students for Google Summer of Code 2015

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Geospatial Community,

OSGeo is glad to welcome the 13 accepted students and their mentors for OSGeo GSoC 2015!

We received 37 proposals from a variety of geospatial projects. Despite the lower total number of proposals received compared to former years, the overall quality was high, so our choice has been a difficult task.
Eventually we appointed the following proposals:

1) GDAL: Faza Mahamood – Integration of GDAL utilities into GDAL core library
2) GRASS GIS: Matej Krejci – Improved Metadata for GRASS
3) gvSIG: Eva Rodríguez – Port Network Analysis Extension to gvSIG 2.x branch
4) istSOS: Ambrosini Luca – Scalability for Big data processing for istSOS
5) JGRASSTOOLS: Silvia Franceschi – Development of a simple 1D hydraulic model for JGRASSTOOLS
6) MapServer: Samuel Lapointe – Add productivity tools to MapServer’s ScribeUI
7) Opticks: Tom Van den Eynde – Image Enhancement/Background Suppression for Opticks
8) OTP: Nipuna Gunathilake – GTFS-Realtime validation tool for Open Trip Planner
9) OSGeo-Live: Massimo Di Stefano – Integration of geospatial OSS in educational notebooks
10) OSSIM: Martina Di Rita – OSSIM tool for DSM generation using tri-stereo and SAR imagery
11) pgRouting: Sarthak Agarwal – New osm2pgrouting import tool to import OpenStreetMap(OSM)data in pgRouting
12) PyWPS: Calin Ciociu – REST interface for PyWPS 4
13) QGIS: Marcus Santos – Multithread support on QGIS Processing toolbox

Congratulations to all accepted students!

We are proud of the geographical variety of countries from which our students come from and live, including: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, India, Italy, Luxemburg, Portugal, Spain and Sri Lanka.
The list of software projects includes OSGeo (official and incubating) and like-minded projects – let GSoC be a “gathering of tribes”, an occasion to improve communication among all geospatial open source initiatives.

See the list of OSGeo accepted proposals also here:

We wish all students and mentors a great summer!

Madi and Anne
OSGeo GSoC Admins 2015

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