OSGeo Sponsorship Opportunities 2021

Your financial support of OSGeo events, initiatives, local chapters, or projects is vital to our community.


Thank you for considering Open Source Geospatial Foundation 2021 sponsorship. Your financial support of OSGeo events, initiatives, local chapters, or projects is vital to our community.

The OSGeo community, alongside the best no verification casinos, has risen to the challenge covid-19 and remains active and engaged in 2021. In response to this challenge many of our events and activities have moved online, and the opportunities for sponsorship and reaching new customers has adjusted accordingly.

Directly funding the OSGeo Foundation

The Foundation helps support projects, events, activities, infrastructure and services in order to facilitate a healthy community of volunteers. Directly funding OSGeo helps greatly in supporting day to day activities as well as operating expenses (mailing lists, issue trackers, etc.).

Sponsor Recognition

Sponsoring is a great way to reach a wide audience of enthusiastic and engaged geospatial practitioners.

Sponsor benefits range from website placement, inclusion in promotional material, placement in presentations and press releases such as this one.


Sponsorship Level Diamond Platinum Gold Silver Bronze
Sponsorship amount $30,000 $20,000 $10,000 $3000 $500
Website sponsorship page logo size 500 x 500 400×400 300×300 250×250 200×200
Website footer logo included included included included
OSGeo marketing materials placement logo logo
OSGeo booth placement logo logo
Sponsorship Announcement press release blog post blog post blog post
About OSGeo placement (marketing material) included included
OSGeo Partners and Guests Networking event included included included included
OSGeo Sponsorship Logo diamond platinum gold silver bronze


For more information on sponsorship benefits please visit our page on sponsorship.

How to sponsor OSGeo

Sponsors are asked to contact treasurer@osgeo.org to request an invoice. Options to directly donate via PayPal and GitHub are also available.

Your OSGeo sponsorship level is accumulated across projects, initiatives and events as illustrated in the following email:

subject: OSGeo Sponsorship of Company/Organisation XY

to: treasurer@osgeo.org


We would like to take this opportunity to sponsor OSGeo, we recognize the value in supporting open source and community outreach.

Thus far in 2021 we have sponsored FOSS4G ($5000 USD) and FOSS4G-Europe (4000 EUR). Additionally, we would like to extend our support to the OSGeo Foundation, and request an invoice for $1000 USD.

This brings our total up to slightly over $10,000 USD to be recognized as a gold sponsor (please see attached company logo).


Marie Tharp

Sponsorship levels are adjusted for lower-middle income economies and prior sponsors. For more information on sponsorship benefits please visit our page on sponsorship.

Thank you for your support.

OSGeo Sponsorship Renewal

For returning sponsors we have expedited renewal options:

  • Commitment: Contact us with your committed level of funding at the start of the year, a great opportunity for a joint press-release and updated logo placement.
  • Running total: Send us an email as your sponsorship level changes over the course of the year.
  • Final total: You may wish to wait until the end of the year, and make a joint press-release describing your financial contributions in 2021.

Funding OSGeo Foundation Activities Individually

For increased reach you have the option to directly fund individual projects, events, initiatives and local chapters. Direct sponsorship allows you to choose the activities your organization is associated with.

OSGeo Projects

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is seeking sponsorship and donations to support our valuable open source projects and project teams.

The following projects have asked for your financial support (in alphabetical order):

Free and Open Source Software delivers immense value to geospatial practitioners and your organization, but it is not developed in isolation or for free. It is important to financially support our project teams recognizing their hard work, technical excellence and dedication in building the software and tools we love to use.

OSGeo Events

Reach geospatial practitioners by sponsoring OSGeo events:

We understand that a FOSS4G booth is a great chance to promote your organization and meet potential customers. While we cannot replace this experience, sponsoring online events offers great brand visibility, with FOSS4G videos serving as a reference for years to come.

OSGeo Initiatives

OSGeo has a number of ongoing initiatives that request your financial assistance::

Local Chapters

Local chapters are active promoting the use of free and open source software and provide regional sponsorship opportunities:

Check with the local chapter near you for more information.


About Open Source Geospatial Foundation

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation is not-for-profit 501(c)(4) organization to empower everyone with open source geospatial. The software foundation directly supports projects serving as an outreach and advocacy organization providing financial, organizational and legal support for the open source geospatial community.

OSGeo works with GeoCat and other sponsors, along with our partners to foster an open approach to software, standards, data and education.

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