OSGeo Google Summer of Code 2013 final report

OSGeo participated to Google Summer of Code 2013 with 22 accepted students from 15 software projects. This has been the seventh consecutive year of participation for OSGeo, with the highest success rate ever: 21 of 22 students got a positive final evaluation from their mentors.

OSGeo acted as an umbrella organisation for its own software projects (GEOS, GRASS GIS, gvSIG, MapServer, Opticks, OSGeo4W, OSSIM, QGIS and software packaging), and also for like-minded geospatial projects (OpenStreetMap, pgRouting, istSOS, uDig/GeoTools). More details on Melange homepage and on OSGeo Wiki.

We would like to thank all students, mentors, comentors and coordinators who contributed to this success, and to Google for managing and sponsoring the program. Along the years, many students had the possibility to contribute to open source geospatial projects. Several of them joined the developer team after GSoC, and took part to subsequent editions as mentors. The diversity of OSGeo-hosted projects, in size, programming language, age and mentor availability make OSGeo participation a lively patchwork, that is mirrored below, in the list of 2013 achievements:

Adding Voronoi Diagrams to GEOS – Vishal Tiwari, mentored by Sandro Santilli

GRASS GIS Interactive Scatter Plot Tool – Stepan Turek, mentored by Martin Landa

Temporal GIS Algebra for raster and vector data in GRASS – Thomas Leppert, mentored by Sören Gebbert

Create a title block from the library in the Layout of gvSIG – Violeta Carlos, mentored by Vicente Caballero

Add Raster Format to scripting in gvSIG – Sandeep Kumar, mentored by Joaquín del Cerro

Design and implement an API for tiled vectorial support of POIProxy for gvSIG Mini – Arturo Argiles, mentored by Alberto Romeu

Profile dataset support for istSOS – Francesco Massa, mentored by Massimiliano Cannata

ScribeUI: A GUI and tools for MapServer mapfile editing – Jessica Lapointe, mentored by Julien-Samuel Lacroix

Support for UTFGrid output in MapServer – François Desjarlais, mentored by Daniel Morissette

Object based Image Fusion and Change Detection tools for Opticks – Mohit Kumar, mentored by Trevor Clarke

Extend OSGeo4W Installer – Steve Ataucuri Cruz, mentored by Frank Warmerdam

Creating a stable and improved OpenTripPlanner Android client for walk, bike, and transit routing based on OpenStreetMap and GTFS data – Vreixo Gonzáles, mentored by Stefan Steiniger

Surveying mobile application for OpenStreetMap mappers (Field Papers-like) – Pavel Melnikov, mentored by Ilya Zverev

OSM: Cached API proxy – Paul Norman, mentored by Ian Dees

Oceanography Circulatory model using PyOSSIM and PlanetSasha for OSSIM – Mohamed Rashad, mentored by Massimo di Stefano

Enhancements to the DebianGIS and UbuntuGIS packages and repositories – Jérôme Laroouche, mentored by Alan Boudreault

Implementation of VRP Solution in pgRouting – Khondoker Md. Razequl Islam, mentored by Daniel Kastl

A partitioned approach to on demand increment graph assembly for pgRouting – Mukul Priya, mentored by Stephen Woodbridge

Repository and Tool for Resource Sharing in QGIS – Arunmozhi, mentored by Nathan Woodrow

Hydrologically controlled shallow landslides – a statistical forecasting algorithm for the uDig Spatial Toolbox – Marco Foi, mentored by Andrea Antonello

Java Surface Model Library/API For GeoTools – Julian Padilla, mentored by Andrea Aime

Looking forward for GSoC 2014 – in the meanwhile, happy mapping!

Anne Ghisla, Hamish Bowman, Dustan Adkins
OSGeo GSoC Admin team

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