OSGeo Expresses Heartfelt Thanks for a Decade of Collaboration with TIB Hannover’s AV-Portal

June 25, 2024

As the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) reflects on the past decade of preserving and sharing geospatial knowledge, we extend our deepest gratitude to TIB Hannover and all contributors to the AV-Portal.

Over these years, our collaborative efforts have ensured that over 1,800 valuable FOSS4G conference recordings and historic FOSS GIS videos are not only preserved but also made accessible and citable as part of the global scientific heritage.

The AV-Portal, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in April this year, has been instrumental in this mission. As a non-commercial, open platform for scientific content, the AV-Portal has amassed more than 45,000 videos and serves as a critical resource for researchers and enthusiasts in a variety of fields, including the geospatial sciences.

Our community has benefited immeasurably from this resource, generously funded by German taxpayers and managed with exemplary dedication by TIB Hannover. The ability to access, cite, and explore geospatial content through FAIR persistent identifiers such as DOI ensures that this knowledge is preserved for future generations and seamlessly integrated into scientific discourse.

As OSGeo continues to support and promote open source geospatial software, we acknowledge the indispensable role of platforms like the AV-Portal in our journey. Here’s to more years of successful partnership, shared growth, and mutual enrichment in the pursuit of open and accessible scientific knowledge.

For further information on OSGeo’s initiatives and how to access the archived videos, please visit OSGeo’s Series on the AV-Portal at

Some examples of video recordings:

GRASS GIS, Star Trek and old Video Tape Ð a reference case on audiovisual preservation for the OSGeo communities

OSGeo conference videos as a resource for scientific research: The TIB|AV Portal

Video recordings from the very early Open Source Geospatial Conferences, going back to 2002:

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