OpenLayers 2.3 Released

The OpenLayers Development Team is proud to announce Final Release of
OpenLayers 2.3!

To run 2.3 in your applications, include the following tag in your
OpenLayers-powered page:

Among the 52 fixed tickets, you will find:

* A number of minor fixes to popup handling
* A number of minor fixes to layer handling
* The addition of a TMS layer
* The ability to specify a number of failed attempts to load an image before giving up.
* Encoding of URLs sent to the server.
* A number of minor improvements in the grid layer
* A number of improvements in IE behavior, especially with regard to controls
* A fixed version of isEquivilantURL
* Small fix to build tools
* Improvements to the OverviewMap control.
* A fix for a longstanding bug where tiles are drawn outside the maxExtent of the map (Thanks to Bill Woodall)
* Added functionality to allow setting of multiple layers via WMS following the specification, using array syntax for layer list. (With information from Keith Pomakis)
* Some armoring and protection of the WMS Untiled layer and other layers on destroy().
* A fix to panning in an odd sized viewport.

Official Release Notes including all features and bug fixes can be found

…and complete documentation on the entire 2.3 Release is here:

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