Open Letter for the need for Open Standards in LiDAR

To all colleagues in Academia, Government and Industry who have interest in maintaining Open Standards:

On behalf of ”'[ Geo for All]”’ community, I would like to bring to your kind attention a significant development that can lead to undermining our principle for Open Geospatial Standards. I request you review the [ wikipage] that is meant to represent our concern and allow for ongoing input and expression by our geospatial community.

We specifically thank Martin Isenburg (author of [ LASzip] and [ LAStools] for bringing this matter to our attentionand an email thread of our [ initial discussion] of this subject that highlight the wider implication of this issue.

We request all who wish to support this effort to protect Open Standards for Geospatial data to kindly add your name, email, affiliation details to the wikipage directly or email [ Patrick Hogan] with the subject heading ””Support for Open Geo Standards”” and the following fields (Name, Email, Affiliation) and we will gladly add this to the wiki.

There is current interest by the OGC in pursuing point cloud encoding standards, including a member-initiated mechanism to extend LAS data with OGC-standard XML content. The OGC invites interested members who wish to work on this effort to please contact [ Scott Simmons] (Executive Director, Standards) to register their interest and discuss details.OGC will also be holding an ad hoc session at our next Technical Committee meeting in Boulder, CO, USA in June 1st (more details will be send soon) to bring together all interested from all sectors (government, industry, academia) for this and plan next steps. We welcome feedback and input from Esri and invite them to join this effort tosupport open LIDAR formats.

I thank you all again for your attention and support for this important matter.

Best wishes,

Suchith Anand
Founder, GeoForAll

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