New Associate Sponsors 2ndQuadrant and Karttakeskus

OSGeo is pleased to announce 2ndQuadrant ( and Karttakeskus ( as OSGeo’s latest Associate Sponsors.

2ndQuadrant founder, Simon Riggs, and his organization based in the UK offer professional support around the widely popular Open Source PostgreSQL database engine.

Karttakeskus director, Sami Masala, says “In Finland, there is an increasing interest towards Open Source software among our clients. Open Source attracts enterprises as it is fast, flexible and cost-efficient. Open Source is also easy to integrate with other software. From our viewpoint, Open Source and commercial software are not opposites, but complement each other. Karttakeskus wants to offer the best possible support and expertise in this field and promote the use of Open Source solutions in the private and public sectors. We find OSGeo an important partner for us in this, as OSGeo is working with the most important Open Source implementation projects, such as GeoServer, OpenLayers and QGIS. This year, we want to participate in the Open Source development projects, for example in the Finnish translations of the user interfaces.”

Thank you to 2ndQuadrant, Karttakeskus, and all sponsors for supporting OSGeo and its vibrant community!

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