Metaspatial Joins OSGeo Sponsorship Program


OSGeo is pleased to announce [ Metaspatial] as OSGeo’s latest Associate Sponsor. Owner, Arnulf Christl, has also put in substantial time and energy as OSGeo’s President this past year and in several other roles. Small businesses, like his, working with our software are a key growth area for open source geospatial software.

Arnulf has a clear motivation for sponsoring OSGeo financially:

””A common understanding is growing that Open Source should be managed by a truly independent party. But what does ‘independent’ mean these days? Instead of independence we learn that everything is connected – be it the global climate across all continents or the global economy spanning all nations. ‘Independent’ in the context of collaboratively creating spatial software and accessible geodata means that there is no single organizational entity driving things. Instead a diverse community runs things. Part of that community are globally distributed and economically independent private companies of all sizes – one of them is Metaspatial. ”

“The next big player in the geospatial realm who needs to understand this is the public sector. The public administration is by far the most extensive user of OSGeo software and at the same time producer of high quality geospatial data with the highest potential of becoming available to use for free. They are living and breathing openness for decades already – but seem to have lost sight of their mission a bit in all the economic shaking. The next target for OSGeo fundraising is the public administration. You can help by making contact and spreading the word. Contact Tyler Mitchell for more information.”

Thank you to Metaspatial for joining our program!

Tyler Mitchell

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