Journal Submissions for Peer Review

I’m pleased to announce that the OSGeo Journal committee has made progress on putting together a peer review process for OSGeo technical and research papers.

Please consider submitting your original research or technical paper to OSGeo for publication in an upcoming issue. We are well aware that there are many excellent outlets to in which you can publish your work and would be very pleased to have you choose OSGeo Journal for manuscripts that make a new or original contribution to the field of geoinformatics and specifically the development of and/or application of FOSS4G software.

The peer review process of OSGeo Journal is viewable here:

Instructions for submitting your manuscript are here:

We also need willing reviewers to make this process work. Please consider adding yourself to the list of reviewers here:

Thank you

Daniel P. Ames, PhD, PE
Dept of Geosciences
Idaho State University

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