ICA-OSGeo lab established at The Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology of Chinese Academy of Science

We are pleased to welcome our second ICA-OSGeo lab in China (and our 79th lab worldwide) at the Northeast Institute of Geography and Agroecology of Chinese Academy of Science located in Changchun city, Jilin Province of China.

Their key research areas are on agro-ecology, wetland ecology, regional development disciplines, environmental science and technology. GIS is one of their main research themes and they have done a lot of research in the past few decades to expand this.
Currently, there are about 30 researchers engaging in GIS, and they also have a doctorates and masters programs in Cartography and geographic information system. Besides, the Institute has established international partnership with Indiana University, University of Wisconsin, University of Maryland, University of Georgia, University of Toronto, and the Pacific Institute of Geography of Far East Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences to carry out research in GIS.

In order to meet the demand of the Institute, GIS has been widely used in many areas. In agriculture, GIS is one of the essential tools to investigate, analysis and manage the agricultural resources. In the subject of ecologic and environment, GIS is the primary means to conduct a survey, which can evaluate the influence of environment and perform ecological regionalization. So it can surely promote national environment protection work and decision-making. In region development, GIS can effectively manage quite a lot information with spatial attributes, which serve as a powerful tool.

The Open GIS research team in the Institute are very interested in the work related to OSGeo. The Institute has fully taken over OSGeo China Center website since 2014 by communication and consultation with Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research. CAS will spend much efforts on developing network platform, including document translation, website establishment, education and training. The institute has established the “Open Geospatial Laboratory” supported by the Information Centre of the Institute and Jingyuetan Remote Sensing Experiment Staiton. The laboratory is equipped with professional hardware and software and can operate Open Source GIS applications, which can serve as a model for the use of OSGeo software in China. The Open Geospatial Laboratory will explore the theory, methods, technology and application of Open Source GIS. It will help in the development of Open Source GIS in China and improve the technology of GIS. The lab will be led by Dr. Bu Kun (Email -bukun@osgeo.cn). The ICA-OSGeo lab in China welcomes collaborations from all interested and for making contributions to the wider society.

Website (in Chinese): http://lab.osgeo.cn/
English homepage: http://lab.osgeo.cn/en

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