Announcing GSoC 2022 with OSGeo | Instructions and What’s New with 2022!

It is the time of the year to start preparing for the OSGeo’s participation [0] with the Google Summer of Code 2022 [1] and we need your help for the same. With a 100% success for all the GSoC 2021 student projects [2], we are highly excited and motivated to invite the OSGeo projects (Projects, Incubation projects, Guest Projects) to begin compiling the project ideas for GSoC 2022.

In order to participate in proposing ideas as a project under OSGeo umbrella organization, you just need to send us (admins:  <gsoc-admin at osgeo dot org>) the URL for your project’s GSoC ideas Wiki page. If you are participating for the first time, then you may visit [3] [4] for reference.

Please remember that every idea should indicate:

  1. A title
  2. Brief descriptions of projects that can be completed in ~175 hours or ~350 hours of your GSoC contributor’s time (and labeled appropriately)
  3. 3 Mentors’ Details (Primary and Supporting mentors)
  4. For each project, a list of prerequisites, description of programming skills needed and estimation of difficulty level
  5. A test for the students to submit to your evaluation. The test aims at evaluating if the student is capable for the project, so please design the test having in mind the basic skills required to complete the project.

The organization application period starts Feb 7, 2022 and will be open till Feb 21, 2022. So, we expect all the URLs by Feb 10, 2022 (~10 days from now). Here is the complete GSoC 2021 timeline [5].

Note: GSoC 2022 comes with some new changes in the program. We sincerely request to go through the announcement mentioning new changes [0][6].

Thanks and please forward the information to your respective projects mailing list! Always waiting for further queries. 🙂

(PS- A call for contributors to the OSGeo project ideas with instructions on interacting with projects is already sent, so please be ready for welcoming new members to the community.)

Stay Safe!
Kind regards,

OSGeo GSoC Administration Team


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