GeoTools 2.4.0 Released

The GeoTools 2.4.0 release is available for download:

New for GeoTools 2.4:

  • significant speedups in shapefile and postgis data rendering (and to a lesser measure to other vector data sources as well)
  • many expressions improvements using converters to correctly handle a range of queries
  • style interfaces now use geoapi filter (no more casting!)
  • redirect to an alternate logging api
  • datastore dispose
  • make use of java connection pools (DBCP and the like)
  • use a registered java DataSource for epsg database in a Java EE environment
  • user guide; with a small section for 2.4.0
  • iso geometry implementation available as a supported module
  • community change proposal process has been adopted

For more information on these improvements visit our web site:

Release Notes:

The GeoTools project has seen a lot of growth over the development of
GeoTools 2.4. We have made several important changes to how the project
is managed:

For more information please visit:

The GeoTools Community

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