GeoTools 13.0 Released

The GeoTools community is pleased to announce the availability of GeoTools 13.0, the first stable release of the GeoTools 13 series.

Download GeoTools 13:

This release is also available from our maven repository, and is made in conjunction with GeoWebCache 1.7.0 and GeoServer 2.7.0.

New Features and Improvements

The following new features and improvements are available in this release:

Data Stores

  • GeoPackage support is now compatible with QGIS and OGR.
  • A new gt-solr data store is available for working with with Apache Solr. Thanks – to Andrea Aime and Justin Deoliveira for this work.
  • CSVDataStore has been improved with write access and the ability to work with different kinds of CSV files (including lat/lon and WKT). Thanks to Travis Brundage for this work.
  • AbstractDataStore is now deprecated. Please make plans to migrate to ContentDataStore. There is an extensive ContentDataStore tutorial to help with – your migration.
  • PropertyDataStore has now been ported to use ContentDataStore, and a wide range of issues (readers, events, transactions) have been resolved for all DataStore implementations. Thanks to Torben Barsballe for this extensive QA work.

CSS Module

The gt-css module is a brand-new implementation of CSS-style support, now written in Java. Thanks to Andrea Aime for bringing this exciting approach to styling within easy reach of Java developers. Here is a quick code example:

  Stylesheet ss = CssParser.parse(css);
  CssTranslator translator = new CssTranslator();
  Style style - translator.translate(ss);

Rendering Engine

  • Color-blending has been introduced as both a FeatureTypeStyle and Symbolizer vendorExtension, allowing for a range of special effects. Thanks to Cleveland Metro Parks for this improvement.
  • A FeatureTypeStyle vendorExtension named "firstMatch". This vendor Extension will grab the first rule you specify. This can in many situations help you avoid more complicated logic for style rules.
      <sld:VendorOption name="ruleEvaluation">first</sld:VendorOption>
  • Anchor points are now supported. This is done in SLD with the AnchorPoint tag:

WFS Client

The gt-wfs client has improved:

  • Better compatibility with MapServer.
  • Extensive work has been done to support WFS 2.0 transactions. Thanks to Niels Charlier for this work.
  • The gt-wfs client now supports WFS 2.0 stored queries. Thanks to Sampo Savolainen for this work.

And more

Documentation continues to improve, now with a complete function list. For a full list of improvements and changes in GeoTools 13, please see the full release notes.

Thanks to Jody Garnett and Travis Brundage (from Boundless) for making this release happen.

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