GeoMoose 3.9.0 Release!

Six months in the making, the next release of GeoMoose is ready!

A number of bug fixes have been handled and a few great usability improvements as well:

  • The base development libraries and development environment versions have all been brought up to date. Node 16, ESLint, Webpack 5, and jsPDF have all been brought up to their latest versions. This helps keeps bugs out of GeoMoose and secures that it can keep healthy development!
  • The Favorites list has now been fixed. There was a small bug preventing the favorites from being rendered properly.
  • Table filters more gracefully handle undefined and null values. Before there was unpredictable behavior and crashing in the table.
  • A regression has been fixed for custom services without a layer. In previous versions of GeoMoose, it has been possible to click on the map and run custom code based on the geometry drawn by the user. This wasn’t working in GM3.8 and has now been fixed.
  • Service inputs can now be assigned both placeHolder and helperText attributes. This allows giving the user more context about what they should enter for their search fields.
  • A new buffer-limit is set for the select service. It currently defaults to buffering, at most, 100 features. This can be configured (See here: )

Thanks for the hard work everyone and enjoy!

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