GeoMoose 2.6 Released

GeoMOOSE 2.6 provides exciting new features. Some new features to GeoMOOSE 2.6 include:

* Updated OpenLayers version (2.11)
* Integrated Dojo javascript library
* Updated website and documentation
* Addition of local_settings.ini for overriding and customization of settings.ini

Visit the live demo from the website, to see GeoMOOSE 2.6 in action.

GeoMOOSE ( is an open source web application framework for displaying geographic data. What makes GeoMOOSE unique is it provides an out-of-the-box solution that makes it easy for non-developers to create web-mapping applications with typical tools such as navigate, search, measure and print. Non-developers only need to be comfortable with configuration files. GeoMOOSE has a number of strengths including modularity, configurability, and delivers a number of core functionalities in its packages. The project has targeted local government business cases to distribute land records information, but many other users have used it for much more. Since GeoMOOSE is open source project it built on other popular open source projects such as OpenLayers ( and MapServer ( To get started with GeoMOOSE, simply go to the download page and install the software demo.

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