GDAL 3.8.0 is released


On behalf of the GDAL/OGR development team and community, I am pleased to announce the release of GDAL/OGR 3.8.0. GDAL/OGR is a C++ geospatial data access library for raster and vector file formats, databases and web services. It includes bindings for several languages, and a variety of command line tools.

The 3.8.0 release is a new feature release with the following highlights:

  • Add JSONFG read/write vector driver for OGC Features and Geometries JSON.
  • Add PMTiles read/write vector driver for PMTiles v3 datasets containing MVT PBF tiles
  • Add S102 raster read-only driver for S-102 bathymetric products (depends on libhdf5)
  • Add gdal_footprint utility: compute the footprint of a raster file, taking into account nodata/mask band, and generating polygons/multipolygons corresponding to areas where pixels are valid (#6264)
  • Python bindings: various enhancements to reduce the number of “gotchas” related to inter-object ownership relationships, and a few syntaxic sugar enhancements
  • Arrow interface: improve spatial and attribute filtering on read side; add write side with OGRLayer::WriteArrowBatch()
  • GeoPackage: much faster spatial index creation (~ 3-4 times faster)
  • ARG driver deprecated: will be removed in 3.9.0
  • Bump of shared lib major version

More complete information on the new features and fixes in the 3.8.0 release can be found at:

The release can be downloaded from:

Best regards,
Even Rouault
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