FOSS4G Conference Academic Proceedings (full proceedings and individual papers) available online

Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial (FOSS4G) Conference Proceedings is a collection of all selected academic works presented in oral and poster format during the FOSS4G conferences on the development and usage of FOSS4G and open-data.  The Academic Tracks of FOSS4G conferences has been key in helping us share and expand Open Geospatial Science ideas globally.

The full academic proceedings and individual papers from the last five FOSS4G Global conferences  [Starting from Nottingham FOSS4G] are now available at



Professor Charlie Schweik (University of Massachusetts, Amherst, USA) said “I’m pleased to report that we now have full academic proceedings and individual papers from the last five FOSS4G conferences [1]. 

The website is:

This system provides readership (download) statistics and distribution maps (see attached). For instance, as of today, across all volumes we already have a total of 3,409 full proceeding and individual paper downloads worldwide. Individual authors can see their individual download statistics by going to their individual paper entry (for example, see [2]). Scholarworks also feeds library database search engines. 

We hope that we can continue to publish FOSS4G Academic proceeding pre-prints, both global and regional events, through this system, to maintain a longterm repository of FOSS4G scholarship. Proceeding editors of future conferences: Please contact us to coordinate. 


Charlie Schweik for the FOSS4G Proceedings editorial team:

(Mohammed Zia, Andy Anderson, and Franz-Josef Behr)


GeoForAll community are thankful to  Charlie Schweik, Barend Köbben, Venka Raghavan, Sanghee Shin, Andy Anderson, Franz-Joseph Behr, Muhammad Yahya, Erin Jerome (at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst’s Library’s Scholarly Communication office ) who provides us the Scholarworks platform and technical support at no cost to OSGeo and GeoForAll; members of each conference program committee for their service and last, but not least, Mohammed Zia who is the person behind the scenes who contributed time and expertise to really make this happen. We are grateful to all of them  who worked on this over the years and made possible this wonderful gift for the global community.

Recordings from FOSS4G presentations are also made available thanks to  Technische Informationsbibliothek (TIB) – German National Library of Science and Technology

Let us all work to make sure Geographic Information Science is Open for our future generations…


[1] Nottingham, 2013; Portland, 2014; Seoul, 2015; Bonn, 2016; and Boston, 2017

[2] As an example, the Boston 2017 FOSS4G paper by Agarwal and Rajan “Analyzing the performance of NoSQL vs. SQL databases for Spatial and Aggregate queries” has had 838 (!) downloads since Sept 22, 2017.  See

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