FOSS4G 2018 Travel Grant Programme

OSGeo provides a travel grant program to facilitate accessibility and diversity at our global and regional FOSS4G events.

Applications to the Travel Grant Program for FOSS4G 2018 Dar es Salaam closed on 30th April 2018

Applications for the 2018 TGP are now closed

For applicants

These notes describe the application process for a Travel Grant to attend FOSS4G & HOT Summit 2018 and the criteria by which applications will be evaluated.

Travel Grants

The Travel Grant will include a full conference ticket (including 1 day of workshops) and a sum up to $1000 US for accommodation in a hostel booked by the LOC and a contribution towards travel and other expenses.

There will be 3 different travel grants available:

Grant size   No. available       Likely Use
Up to:
$250                   24                Delegates from nearby locations
$500                   8                  Delegates from further afield
$1,000                5                  Delegates from outside of the region

The number of TGs of each size or the size of grants may be adjusted, at the discretion of the Conference Committee, dependent upon the level of funding raised and the number of applications received. Applicants will only be able to apply for one size of TG and are encouraged to apply for the smallest grant that will enable them to attend FOSS4G 2018. Any person applying for more than one grant will be excluded from the application process or will have their grant offer retrospectively withdrawn.

You must be able to fund the direct costs of your travel to FOSS4G/HOT Summit and be in possession of a valid entry visa and immunisation documents (if required). Successful applicants will receive a conference pass, a space in the FOSS4G hostel and become eligible for reimbursement of expenses up to the limit of the Travel Grant when they check-in at the conference registration desk. Reimbursement of expenses will be by electronic means (details to be advised).


To be eligible for a TG, applicants must be a citizen of and resident in a country listed by the OECD Development Assistance Committee. It is likely that priority will be given to

  • Low income economies ($1,025 or less)
  • Lower middle income economies ($1,026 to $4,035)
  • Upper middle income economies ($4,036 to $12,475)
  • Some preference will be given to applicants resident within the African continent

Other Criteria

Additional selection criteria may include

  • Gender, the LOC is seeking to encourage gender balance through the TGP
  • Applicants who have submitted a talk or workshop

Contributions to OSGeo

All applicants will be asked to provide

  • Details of their past contributions to OSGeo projects or community activities
  • Usage and experience of OSGeo software
  • How they would make use of their attendance at FOSS4G to benefit themselves, their local society and the wider OSGeo community


If you wish to be considered for a FOSS4G Travel Grant please complete this form. All data will be kept confidential and only used for assessing TGP applications. Please ensure that the email address that you provide is regularly monitored as the selection committee may wish to seek clarification of responses.

Applications must be received by 24.00 UTC on 30th April 2018. The selection committee will aim to notify recipients of grants by 11th June 2018

The FOSS4G Travel Grant Program (TGP) is administered by the Conference Committee and supported by members of the HOT Summit Working Group.

Further information available on the travel grant wiki page.

Supporting the TGP

The travel grant program is funded through:

  • Ongoing crowdfunding campaign
  • Collections at regional FOSS4G events
  • Sponsor donations, recognized as part of OSGeo sponsorship program
  • Annual commitment from the OSGeo board

You can help to make FOSS4G more accessible and increase the diversity of our attendees by making a donation to the FOSS4G TGP via our PayPal account.

About TGP

The FOSS4G Travel Grant Program inititive was established in 2017 by the OSGeo Board to facilitate accessibility and diversity at our global and regional FOSS4G events.

The travel grant program is generously managed by the Conference Committee, in collaboration with representatives from each FOSS4G event.

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