deegree Enters OSGeo Incubation

The OSGeo Board is pleased to announce that it has approved the application by the deegree project to enter the incubation process. Incubation is a stepping stone to becoming a full fledged OSGeo project.

deegree is a Java Framework offering the main building blocks for Spatial Data Infrastructures. Its entire architecture is developed using standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and ISO/TC 211 (ISO Technical Committee 211 — Geographic Information/Geomatics).

deegree implements standards including WMS, WFS, WCS, CSW, SOS, WTS/WPVS and WPS. deegree iGeoPortal standard and portlet edition are the browser-based clients for the mentioned OGC WebServices. deeJUMP provides a SDI-enabled Desktop-GIS.

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