deegree day 2007 – Call for Papers

After 6 years of continuous growth the deegree project currently provides the most comprehensive implementation of OGC/ISO standards in the Free Software world. To support the community process the second get together of users and developers will be held June 12th, 2007, at the “Universitaetsclub Bonn”. deegree day is designed to be a platform for interaction between users and developers, and knowledge exchange. Developers will present both current and upcoming features. Users have the opportunity to report on latest project solutions. Pressing open issues in technology, communication, and project organization will be discussed on deegree day.

=== Call for Papers / Sponsoring ===

We invite you to submit papers to be presented at deegree day. Papers should be of general interest to the conference participants and be related to the deegree project. This is a good chance to document your project results and your expertise and to discuss solution strategies with experts and users.

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