Call for Abstracts for FOSS4G-Asia 2014

The Steering Committee of FOSS4G-Asia (2-5 December, Bangkok) is pleased to invite abstract submissions on a wide range of topics, in celebration of 10 years of FOSS4G activity. The deadline for submissions is 8 September 2014. Please follow the steps at:

=== Topics of Interest ===

* FOSS4G Project Status Report, New Developments and Road-map
* Open Data – Technology, Use Cases and Data Quality
* Open Geospatial Standards
* Open Hardware Development and Sensor Network
* Architectures and Frameworks for Open SDI
* Approaches to Combine Open and Closed Software
* Mobile Mapping and Location Based Services
* Data Visualization and Augmented Reality
* Teaching Geospatial Sciences with FOSS4G
* Community Building and Citizen Participation through FOSS4G
* Disaster Management and Mitigation with FOSS4G
* Improving Quality of Life and Sustainability through FOSS4G
* FOSS4G in Local and Regional Administrations
* FOSS4G Application Examples in Health, Water, Energy, Air-quality, Climate Change,Transportation, Agriculture, Forestry, Marketing…
* Doing Business with FOSS4G

=== About FOSS4G-Asia ===

FOSS4G-Asia 2014 aims to bring together FOSS4G users and developers worldwide and foster closer interactions with and amongst Asian communities in order to share ideas for improving software and applications. The Bangkok conference will cover all aspects of FOSS4G, Open Data and Open Standards, with a particular focus on exchanging experiences between FOSS4G users and developers and providing first-hand information on FOSS4G for developing national/local spatial data infrastructures in Asian countries. FOSS4G-Asia 2014 also commemorates ten years since the FOSS-GRASS User Conference was held at Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand between 12-14 September 2004.

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