AWorldBridge GeoForAll Lab delivers for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in Africa

Congratulations to  all GeoForAll lab team at AWorldBridge for their exceptional determination and efforts in contributing technical excellence and substantive achievements to assisting small-holder farmers in Africa in managing the Fall Armyworm through the Fall Armyworm Monitoring & Early Warning System mobile app .  They built this for  the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)  of the United Nations . FAO then released as their app. Details at

The Fall Army Worm (Spodoptera frugiperda) is having a devastating impact on Africa. More details of the Fall Army Worm (FAW) at

Ron Fortunato’s AWorldBridge is one of the GeoForAll Labs (they have two labs – first one running projects for NASA and UN FAO in Middletown, NY, USA and a second one running delivering corresponding data including climate change studies for USGS, NOAA and NASA at Barrow, Alaska, USA. Everything they produce is open source.

The Food and Agriculture Organization thank you certificate is at

A World Bridge is an international award-winning program for learning 21st Century Skills, using advanced teaching methods that incorporate real- world projects involving industry and government partners. A World Bridge continually advances educational models for international leadership, economic development, and educational research. These dynamic projects involve the design and implementation of Real-world, Real-time Project- Based Learning into the curriculum. Students develop professional skills while working on locally-oriented projects that have relevance to the larger global community, such as urban management and sustainable resources. Details at

Please see the amazing work that the AWorldBridge GeoForAll Lab colleagues and students are doing that was summarised in our June 2017 Newsletter at /wp-content/uploads/Newsletter-Vol-3_6.pdf

We are very grateful to the contributions of these amazing colleagues and students to expanding GeoForAll ideas globally. It is important that we can share these amazing ideas with all so that it keeps building more synergies. We are a global community, and it is this global perspective which gives us strength. It is important that we highlight and share ideas from colleagues in different parts of our home planet.

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