All 12 OSGeo Students Successfully Pass Google Summer of Code 2021 | Congratulations


Dear all,

We are extremely delighted to share that all the 12 OSGeo Google Summer of Code 2021 Students have successfully passed the final evaluation and completed their respective projects [1]. 🎉
Please join us in congratulating them. We wish them a bright future ahead, expecting their continued contributions in the OSGeo community. 🙂
Moreover, all the 12 OSGeo GSoC students shall be showcasing their work in a special session during the upcoming FOSS4G 2021 [2]. (Save the date! 2021-09-30, 08:30–11:00)
Let us also thank the OSGeo mentors for their constant guidance and supervision throughout the GSoC. Their hard work and dedication plays a significant role in making this initiative a success.
Stay safe and stay healthy!
Kind regards,
OSGeo GSoC Administration Team

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