4th Annual OSgeo.nl day: 25th November

The Dutch local chapter “OSgeo.nl” is proud to announce the fourth consecutive annual OSgeo.nl day.

The OSGeo.nl will take place on ”’25th November”’, at the ”'”1931″ congress hall”’ in ‘s Hertogenbosch.

Just like last year, this years OSGeo.nl day is organized as part of the general Dutch geospatial congress and exhibition “GeoBuzz”.

As part of a this event, we hope te attract a broader audience, including people who never “tasted” open source goespatail software & solutions before.

This years program includes an QGis workshop, presentations on MongoDB, indoor Mapping, several solution to handle the key register on addresses and building (“BAG”), workshops on the use of Open Data with QGis followed by a discussion with the open data suppliers

Please note: all workshops and presentation will be held in Dutch

Admission is € 95 (ex. VAT). This is a 50% reduction off the normal GeoBuzz admission. Your ticket gives access to the entire GeoBuzz event

For students only € 10 (ex. VAT)

More info in our website http://osgeo.nl/events/4e-jaarlijkse-osgeo-nl-dag-op-de-geobuzz/

and on Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/OSGeoNL/events/225281140/

Kind regards,
Gert-Jan van der Weijden – OSGeo.nl

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