OSGeo Code Sprint 2018

Annual Code Sprint comes to Bonn (Germany) in 2018!

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Sprint from Sunday till Sunday. March 18 to 25, 2018 (8 days – Arrival/Departure Sundays)

Annual OSGeo Code Sprint comes to Bonn (Germany) in 2018!

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Bring together project members to make decisions and tackle larger geospatial problems. We follow this tradition since 2009.

Great opportunity to meet other OSGeo member and get involved and learn about other projects!

You should not miss the event.

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Additional information

Simultaneously with the FOSSGIS Conference in Bonn an international code sprint of the OSGeo will take place from 19 to 25 March 2018. We expect about 80 developers from all over the world to come from various OSGeo projects. Whether desktop application, geospatial library, metadata catalog or web mapping: be sure to find products in the list that you use. Thus, the Code Sprint is also an opportunity for your developers to meet with the core developers of the projects, get a deeper insight into the software and participate in the development.

The code sprint will take place at BaseCamp in Bonn. During the FOSS4G Code Sprint 2016 in Bonn  we have already organized a code sprint at this location, in which about 100 developers worked on the open source projects every day. https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/FOSS4G_2016_Code_Sprint

In addition to the costs of providing the technical infrastructure, the cost of food and drinks for the developers is the main cost. A buffet at lunchtime and drinks during the whole day are intended.

We will try to bring together the FOSSGIS community and OSGeo folks.


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