Java 2018 Code Sprint

Java projects band together to work on Java 11 compatibility.

Java 2018 Code Sprint planned for the week of October 22-26th:
  • North America (Victoria, BC)
  • Europe (Italy or UK proposed)
  • Oceania (recommendations welcome)
Our open source spatial java community has a challenge ahead. Recent roadmap changes have set the Java platform on aggressive six-month release schedule. Java 11 is scheduled or September 25 … and the version of Java 8 we are all using reaches its end-of-life January 2019. We have a narrow window to update our software!
This is the first opportunity for many projects to look at the Jigsaw module system, which promises to help tame the messy CLASSPATH approach of loading jars, and offering a faster startup. The module system is a more restrictive environment, placing restrictions a both reflection and package use in the name of safety.
Top-level applications should review the libraries used, and expect to upgrade or replace components:
Java libraries are in placed in the awkward position of being a bottleneck on module use. Libraries are asked to update their jar manifest with a preferred module name (to be used if they are loaded on the MODULEPATH). A further complication affecting larger projects is restriction preventing two jars from making use of the same package.
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If you or your project are interested in participating please add your name to the wiki page. The code-sprint is open to all java projects with the goal of sharing experience and helping each other.


We would deeply appreciate your financial support, please see wiki page for details on sponsorship opportunities.

  • Gold: $2500
  • Silver: $1500
  • Bronze: $750

Your financial support is put towards reducing costs for sprint participants who would otherwise be unable to attend. As an OSGeo code sprint your contributions count towards being recognized as an OSGeo sponsor, and any unused contributions remain with OSGeo for subsequent code-sprints. Any organization offering hosting or similar non-financial support is recognized as an in-kind sponsor.

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