Conference Committee

The Conference Committee is the official committee of OSGeo responsible for operating the annual conference.

The responsibilities of this group are the following:

  • facilitate the hosting application/decision process
  • assist the conference local organizing committees in planning
  • make sure OSGeo foundation principles exist in all conferences
  • possibly support other affiliated conferences
  • administer travel grant program to foss4g and other osgeo events

Request for Hosting the FOSS4G Conference

Visit the RFP page to download the latest documents for the next conference, or view past hosting submissions.

Conference Archives

The conference archives host financial reports, and other files from past FOSS4G conferences.

Become Involved in the Conference Discussions

Mailing List:

You can subscribe to the “conference_dev” project mailing list, or search the mailing list.

Wiki Page:

The Conference Wiki contains good background information on the committee, as well as recents tasks.

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