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11th International gvSIG Conference: Provisional program available

News Date: 
9 Nov 2015

The program of the 11th International gvSIG Conference, that will be held from December 2nd to 4th at La Petxina Sports-Cultural Complex (Valencia - Spain), is now available.

The provisional program is available with the paper sessions and workshops on the Conference web page.

All the presentations given at the Conference on Wednesday and Thursday, and the workshops given in Friday, will have simultaneous interpretation (Spanish-English and English-Spanish).

Registrations are free of cost (limited capacity) and must be done through the application form on the Conference web page.

In the next days we will give you more information about the conference at the gvSIG blog, including the applications to be installed previously in order to follow the workshops.

New Module of the MOOC Cycle “gvSIG for users”: Raster Analysis

News Date: 
9 Nov 2015

It is now possible to enroll on the Module “Raster Analysis”, the third and last one in the frame of the MOOC Cycle “gvSIG for users” on gvSIG Training.

The training material will be published starting from the 23rd of November: every Monday the three videos, dealing with one of the four scheduled main topics, will be loaded making thus the full Module completely published on the 14th of December 2015.

As the previouscover_raster_analysis ones, “Introduction to gvSIG” and “Layer Editing”, also this module will be entirely available for everyone wishing to improve their skill on several GIS components.

Participants will be able to download all the video tutorials, or watch them online through a YouTube channel, without any limitations in time because videos will remain available after being loaded.

Participants have two options in enrol procedure:

  • free: this level allows registered users to watch the video tutorials and download the data that have been used for the videos, interact with other participants on MOOC public forums;
  • paying: this level allows participants to receive benefits described in the MOOC module paragraph How to obtain the official “gvSIG User Certificate”.

We really hope you will appreciate this module and please stay tuned because many important news and update have been scheduled for 2016!!!

GRASS GIS 7.0.2 RC1 released

News Date: 
23 Oct 2015

What's new in a nutshell

This upcoming stability release provides a series of stability fixes and manual improvements. This first  release candidate GRASS GIS 7.0.2RC1 provides 160 fixes and improvements.

About GRASS GIS 7: Its graphical user interface supports the user to make complex GIS operations as simple as possible. A new Python interface to the C library permits users to create new GRASS GIS-Python modules in a simple way while yet obtaining powerful and fast modules. Furthermore, the libraries were significantly improved for speed and efficiency, along with support for huge files. A lot of effort has been invested to standardize parameter and flag names. Finally, GRASS GIS 7 comes with a series of new modules to analyse raster and vector data, along with a full temporal framework. For a detailed overview, see the list of new features. As a stable release series, 7.0.x will enjoy long-term support.

Source code download:

Binaries download:

  • ... further binary packages for other Linux distributions and Mac OSX will follow shortly.

More details:

See also our detailed announcement:

  http://trac.osgeo.org/grass/wiki/Grass7/NewFeatures (overview of new 7.0 stable release series)

First time users may explore the first steps tutorial after installation.


The Geographic Resources Analysis Support System (http://grass.osgeo.org/), commonly referred to as GRASS GIS, is an Open Source Geographic Information System providing powerful raster, vector and geospatial processing capabilities in a single integrated software suite. GRASS GIS includes tools for spatial modeling, visualization of raster and vector data, management and analysis of geospatial data, and the processing of satellite and aerial imagery. It also provides the capability to produce sophisticated presentation graphics and hardcopy maps. GRASS GIS has been translated into about twenty languages and supports a huge array of data formats. It can be used either as a stand-alone application or as backend for other software packages such as QGIS and R geostatistics. It is distributed freely under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL). GRASS GIS is a founding member of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo).

The GRASS Development Team, October 2015

OpenGIS Conference, Moscow, Russia, 21-22 November, 2015

News Date: 
9 Oct 2015

First Open GIS conference happened in 2012 and brought together diverse crowd of 250 people from 150 organizations. We had about 50 presentations and 12 workshops. This year we expect at least the same numbers or more.

The conference runs two simultaneous presentation streams plus one or two sequence of workshops.

This conference is grassroots and organized by members of Russian GIS-Lab and OpenStreetMap communities. Attendance and workshops are free.

Registration: http://gisconf.ru/profile (in Russian, if you don't speak it, simply sent short information about yourself to info@gisconf.ru).

ISPRS Special Session: FOSS4G

News Date: 
2 Oct 2015

ISPRS 2016 - 12th July - 19th July 2016 - Prague

Special Session SpS10 - FOSS4G (coorganized with OSGeo)

Keywords: Free and Open Source Software for Geoinformatics(FOSS4G), geospatial research platform and systems for developing new applications crossing the new frontiers towards the Internet of Places, Big Geospatial Data processing and analytics and complex simulations essential for understanding and managing the earth systems, human societies and their interaction

Important dates:

  • 30th November 2015: Submission of full papers
  • 13th December 2015: Submission of abstracts

More info:

4th Annual OSgeo.nl day: 25th November

News Date: 
28 Sep 2015

The Dutch local chapter "OSgeo.nl" is proud to announce the fourth consecutive annual OSgeo.nl day.

The OSGeo.nl will take place on 25th November, at the "1931" congress hall in 's Hertogenbosch.

Just like last year, this years OSGeo.nl day is organized as part of the general Dutch geospatial congress and exhibition "GeoBuzz".

As part of a this event, we hope te attract a broader audience, including people who never "tasted" open source goespatail software & solutions before.

This years program includes an QGis workshop, presentations on MongoDB, indoor Mapping, several solution to handle the key register on addresses and building ("BAG"), workshops on the use of Open Data with QGis followed by a discussion with the open data suppliers

Please note: all workshops and presentation will be held in Dutch

Admission is € 95 (ex. VAT). This is a 50% reduction off the normal GeoBuzz admission. Your ticket gives access to the entire GeoBuzz event

For students only € 10 (ex. VAT)

More info in our website http://osgeo.nl/events/4e-jaarlijkse-osgeo-nl-dag-op-de-geobuzz/

and on Meetup: http://www.meetup.com/OSGeoNL/events/225281140/

Kind regards,
Gert-Jan van der Weijden - OSGeo.nl