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FOSS4G 2015 RFP Process

News Date: 
14 Feb 2014

OSGeo is happy to announce the call for hosting the FOSS4G 2015 event. The 2015 FOSS4G RFP is available now at:


And the RFP process is summarily described on the wiki:


Links to letters of intent, proposals, and supplementary information will be added to the wiki page as the process goes on.


2015 is an "Outside of Europe and North America year"
Like last year, using a two-stage bidding process, with letters-of-intent, followed by full proposals for selected bidders.
Letters of intent due March 14.
Please share this document far and wide!


Bart van den Eijnden
FOSS4G RFP Coordinator, 2015

Geometa Lab at HSR (Switzerland) becomes member of the ICA-OSGeo Network and "Geo for All" initiative

News Date: 
5 Feb 2014

We are pleased to announce that the Geometa Lab at HSR (Switzerland) became a new member of the ICA-OSGeo Network. The lab is part of the Institute for Software at the University of Applied Sciences in Rapperswil (referred to as "HSR"). It was founded in 2000 by the current director of the lab, Professor Stefan Keller.

The Geometa Lab combines modern software techniques - like software engineering and agile methods - with geospatial applications and develops projects with QGIS, GDAL/OGR and PostGIS (among others) from the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) software stack. Last summer, the Geometa Lab organized the FOSSGIS 2013 conference in Rapperswil (Switzerland) - the largest German speaking conference - together with the FOSSGIS e.V. association, which represents the OSGeo in the German speaking area. One of the projects from the lab related to Open Source and Open Data is the Kort game . This is a small gamified mobile web app for the improvement of OpenStreetMap. It got some awards in 2013 and was translated in over 20 languages.

The Geometa Lab will actively support the initiative "Geo for All" and will fulfill the Memorandum of Understanding between OSGeo and International Cartographic Association (ICA) to share the goal of developing on a global basis collaboration opportunities for academia, industry and government organizations in open source GIS software and data.

Visit the webpage of the Geometa Lab at HSR (see related weblink) for further information including upcoming training courses.

About OSGeo and ICA:

Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo) is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2006 whose mission is to support and promote the collaborative development of open source geospatial technologies and data.

/International Cartographic Association (ICA) is the world authoritative body for cartography and Geographic Information Science.

Happy 8th Birthday, OSGeo!

News Date: 
5 Feb 2014

Let's not forget that 8 years ago (February 4th, 2006) OSGeo held its first ever meeting in Chicago, U.S.A. Since then so many passionate people have dedicated time and effort into building the Open Source Geospatial community, all around the world. Let's take this moment to thank everyone right from that day 8 years ago, to now, and keep growing our lively community. Thank you all!

Jeff McKenna
OSGeo President

OSGeo Board Thanks the Organizers of the FOSS4G 2013 Nottingham Event

News Date: 
2 Jan 2014

The OSGeo Board would like to thank all of the FOSS4G 2013 Nottingham local committee for an impressive and successful event. Led by the hard-working chair Steven Feldman, the organizers hosted over 800 attendees through more than 20 hands-on workshops and 9 concurrent presentation tracks. Their theme “Geo for All” really highlighted the passion for Open Source geospatial around the world in so many different disciplines.

The local committee recently submitted a substantial financial surplus back directly to the OSGeo foundation. Members of the OSGeo Board are very thankful for this generous contribution to the foundation and to the Open Source geospatial community.

Steven Feldman says, "I am delighted that we have been able to make a substantial contribution to the OSGeo Foundation and the FOSS4G 2013 team look forward to celebrating the successes that the OSGeo Community will be able to generate with this funding."

Jeff McKenna, OSGeo's President, says, "We thank Steven and the entire local committee for such hard volunteer work, sacrificing months of their career to put on a stellar international event. Their passion for Open Source geospatial was felt by people from all across the globe. They are the FOSS4G Heroes of 2013."

About OSGeo

The Open Source Geospatial Foundation has been created to support and build the highest-quality Open Source geospatial software. The foundation's goal is to encourage the use and collaborative development of community-led projects, data development and education.

About FOSS4G

FOSS4G, Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial, is the international gathering of Open Source, geospatial tribes. The spatial industry is undergoing rapid innovations and the Open Source spatial community is one of the forces driving the change. From its beginnings the FOSS4G conference has been the gathering of the spatial tribes and has a reputation of being a melting pot for great ideas in the spatial industry and a catalyst for many successful geospatial products, standards and protocols.

The FOSS4G 2013 Local Organising Committee members were: Jo Cook and Jeremy Morley (vice-chairs), Abi Page, Addy Pope, Antony Scott, Barend Kobben, Barry Rowlingson, Claire Gilmour, Franz-Josef Behr, Ian Edwards, Ian Holt, Kenneth Field, Mark Iliffe, Matt Walker, Rollo Home and Suchith Anand

Look for the next FOSS4G 2014 to be held in Portland, Oregon, U.S. in September.

FOSS4GLogoNaomiGale.png57.16 KB

9th International gvSIG Conference. Reports, posters and articles

News Date: 
23 Dec 2013

We would like to inform you of the availability of presentations, posters and articles presented during the 9th International gvSIG Conference, which were held from November 27th to 29th in Valencia (Spain).

The videos of the report sessions and workshops are also available to be visualized online. All the videos are available with English and Spanish audio, excepting the two workshops given on Wednesday and Thursday, that are only in Spanish.

With this publishing, we pretend to bring the Conference closer to the interested people that couldn't attend the event, having the possibility to access to the recording of the different sessions.

Launch of ICA-OSGeo Lab in India at AGSE 2013 and Season's Greetings from "Geo for All" Initiative

News Date: 
21 Dec 2013

We are pleased to inform that the ICA-OSGeo Lab was launched at CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India on the concluding day of the AGSE 2013 conference, on 19th December 2013. This Laboratory is part of the international ICA-OSGeo Open Source Geospatial Labs Network. The aim of this worldwide network is to provide on global basis collaboration opportunities for academia, industry and government organizations in open source GIS software and data based on the Memorandum of Understanding of the International Cartographic Association (ICA) and the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). The aim of ICA-OSGeo "Geo for All" initiative is to bring more opportunities for geospatial education worldwide.

Dr. Anjana Vyas, chair of AGSE 2013 conference and Professor CEPT University, gave an overview about the future plans of Open Source Geo Lab at CEPT University, India and launched the website. Photos of the event are publicly available. Guest speakers contributed to the discussions at the launch event. Dr. D Schroeder (HFT Stuttgart) gave his views on the benefits of open source and explained about its success stories in the field of Information Technology. He also added that the philosophy behind open source development is the importance of freedom to use the software. Dr. FJ Behr (HFT Stuttgart) gave a talk on open source in the context of GIS and the need to promote it. He included in his presentation about the OSGeo foundation, its mission, goals and its activities on a global scale and local scale. As Head of the first ICA-OSGeo Laboratory in Germany he outlined the work and importance of the OSGeo Foundation. M. G Koenig (TU Berlin) presented the power of the open CityGML standard as an example to visualize 3D data to support management and development of cities. He provided city GML as an example of open consensus driven OGC standard.

We congratulate Prof. Anjana Vyas and her team at CEPT University for leading the establishment of Open Source Geospatial Lab in India and working to provide opportunities for staff and students to learn the latest geospatial technologies. We are sure more universities in India will establish OSGeo labs and create geospatial education programs to help to provide the supply of skilled labour that is needed to meet the requirements of Geo industry and drive the digital economy.

Google Oxera's report on the economic impact of Geo Services report published in January 2013 estimates the revenues from global Geo services at $150 billion to $270 billion per year. This study is one of the first to consider Geo services as an industry in itself, encompassing all digital mapping and location-based services. It clearly shows the potential for thousands of skilled jobs being created by GIS. But unfortunately, the number of universities offering GIS programs in developing countries is very low and hence developing countries have been lagging behind in benefiting from the opportunities created by the global geo services. This is very disappointing that so many staff and students in the developing and poor countries and regions in our planet not having access to this rapidly growing area and we needed to take action so that everyone can study and benefit from geospatial opportunities. High cost proprietary GIS software packages are unaffordable for majority of users in developing and poor countries and has been a big stumbling block for developing and poor countries to take advantage of the immense opportunities provided by GIS technologies. Hence our "Geo for All" initiative is very timely as by using free and open source based GIS will help in the spreading geospatial education among the economically disadvantaged people and countries (removing the need for high cost proprietary GI vendor softwares). Free and Open source GIS provides accessibility, low cost solutions and lowers the entry barriers for the use of geospatial technologies for all.Our key aim is to make it possible for students in developing and poor countries to be also able to get geospatial education.

On the same day (19th Dec) we also welcomed our 64th ICA-OSGeo lab at the University of Geneva. Big welcome to Dr. Gregory Giuliani, Prof.Anthony Lehmann, Dr.Nicolas Ray and colleagues at Institute for Environmental Sciences at the University of Geneva, Switzerland.

As 2013 is nearly over, we take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your support and contributions which helped to build up the "Geo for All" initiative. It has been amazing to see our humble initiative grow rapidly and this has been due to the dedication of all of you and we would like to thank you for your continued contribution. We have now put strong foundations for our "Geo for All" initiative from Australia to Uruguay and we are looking forward to working with you all in 2014 to rapidly build upon this. On behalf of everyone at "Geo for All" initiative, we wish you and your families very happy holidays and Happy New Year.