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deegree supplies the building blocks of a Spatial Data Infrastructure, while implementing the standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) and ISO/TC 211. The Java-based deegree Framework is the most extensive implementation of OGC/ISO standards in Free Software.

deegree comprises five product groups:

  • deegree Web Services: the base components of any SDI; including WMS, WFS, WCS, CS-W, Gazetteer, WPS, WCTS, WTS/WPVS, security services like WAS and WSS, WMPS (deegree-specific) and owsWatch (service monitoring).
  • deegree iGeoPortal: the portal framework of the deegree project. iGeoPortal has a modular structure and comprises so far the modules map, gazetteer, catalogue, security, data and 3D.
  • deegree iGeoSecurity: to keep your SDI secure
  • deegree iGeo3D: Storage and Visualization of 3D geodata
  • deegree iGeoDesktop: the SDI desktop GIS

All of these components can be combined easily and complement each other.


  • includes the official Reference Implementation of the OGC for WMS 1.1.1, WMS 1.3 and WCS 1.0.0

  • Java-based
  • Supported encodings (excerpt): GML, KML, CityGML, CS-W ISO19115/ISO19119 AP 1.0
  • Vector data sources: ESRI Shapefile, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Oracle Spatial/Locator, MIF, ArcSDE, all relational databases supporting JDBC
  • Raster data sources: PNG, GIF, JPEG, BMP, TIFF as well as GeoTIFF, ECW, Oracle GeoRaster
  • Provides a wide variety of spatial and attribute-based queries
  • Full object-relational support for complex geospatial database schemas

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