Promotion & Visibility

OSGeo runs a Marketing Committee that targets opportunities for getting the word out about our projects. This includes covering events, preparing material, support trans-national groups and more.

There are many more opportunities that cannot be addressed simply due to time constraints. Therefore new members and helpers are always welcome on this committee.


There are many versions and formats of logos available, download them from this page.


One way that VisCom helps to promote OSGeo projects is by making brochures available for easy download and printing. These can then be used as handouts at an event, in a booth or to prospective users or new members.
  • Download here - a single PDF with 1 page per project (letter size, updates needed)
  • Download here - a single overview page of all projects (letter size, updates needed)
  • Download here - a zip file containing all files needed to recreate/edit the brochures using the Open Source layout program, Scribus

Please note that the above brochures need to be updated with new logo and a couple more need to be created for new projects.

  • Updated (v2) brochure files are available here, but only as a zip file containing several PDFs

Presentation Templates

An OpenOffice and Microsoft Powerpoint presentation template are available for use in OSGeo-related presentations. If you use it for a presentation please also consider providing a copy back to us for archiving purposes and re-use by the community.


This is a banner that we have used at various events in 2007. It gets out of date quickly as we add new projects to incubation, but it is a great start:

Branded Apparel

Various types of shirts and hats have been produced using the OSGeo brand. There is also an online store that sells printed and silk-screened products:

Higher quality embroidered apparel is produced occasionally, as gifts for sponsors and other giveaway and promotional purposes. Monogram companies often need to convert the OSGeo graphic into a file for use in embroidery/sewing systems. The attached file can be re-used without additional cost where a company has supporting equipment: