How to get involved with the UK chapter

This is a rough list of ways in which people or companies can help the local chapter survive and grow. It is not exhaustive, but if you are interested in contributing to any of these ideas then please get in touch.

  • Identity: The chapter needs its own logo ("brand") to ensure that it has a clear identity that is not confused with other initiatives.
  • Events: Do you know an event that the UK chapter could attend and advertise at or speak at?
  • Sponsorship: Initial help contribute to marketing or travel costs, then project sponsorship
  • Case Studies: We are actively seeking case studies of implementations of open source geospatial software to use as examples and in marketing materials.
  • Company Involvement: We could act as a neutral umbrella for companies working with open source geospatial software, as a portal where people could go to look for support contracts, and tender opportunities. This could be an opportunity to work together on the provision of SLAs etc.
  • Training and education: We would like to hear from companies running training courses, so we can promote them further at conferences and on the website.
  • Sprints: We could help to organise code/documentation informal meetups.
  • Open Source Geospatial Lab: This is being suggested by the University of Nottingham and the local chapter could be involved.