Case Studies for UK use of OS GIS

This page will outline UK-specific Case Studies in the use of Open Source Geospatial Software. If you wish to contribute a case study, please use the attached template and guidance (see bottom of page), and contact the mailing list or the official representative (Ian Edwards).

An open Source stack for geoscientists: John Stevenson, The University of Edinburgh
Geoscience research involves processing data, usually in a geospatial context, and presenting the results as journal articles or as conference talks or posters. This case study describes the software stack used to complete a number of projects including mapping Icelandic lava flows, testing smoothing algorithms for DEMs and investigating the
products of explosive volcanic eruptions.
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Housing Stock Energy Management: An Open Source GIS Web Application: Sustain Ltd
This Case Study details a lightweight web-based application and software stack developed for Housing Associations in the UK to help with the reduction of carbon emissions, and also to reduce heating costs for tenants. It uses a number of Open Source web and desktop GIS components, and also allows integration with non-spatial data from back-office systems using ODBC.
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GvSIG as a first choice open source GIS tool for archaeological data processing, visualisation and analysis: Oxford Archaeology
As part of a large-scale road-building project under-taken in 2009, Oxford Archaeology set out on a trial to test whether open source GIS could be employed for the visualisation and processing of digital archaeological survey data. This project was a success, and led to the development of a number of methodologies for the use of Open Source GIS for analysis and the production of high-quality mapping.
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Digimap for Schools: EDINA
Digimap for Schools is an award-winning online mapping service for teachers and pupils in schools, built as a joint venture between EDINA and the Ordnance Survey. It provides easy access to a range of current Ordnance Survey maps from mini-scale, to OS MasterMap. Digimap for Schools is built around a number of OSGeo products, and optimised for fast delivery of tiles within an easy-to-use interface.
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Various: Newgrove
Newgrove are a global company specialising in bespoke spatial and geographical information management systems and consultancy. Their case studies highlight a number of successful mapping systems for multinational clients, built on a predominantly open source software stack.
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