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Details of officers, constitution, membership, events and sponsorship activities since 2016 are listed on the new site

The remainder of this site is an archive of earlier activity within the UK Chapter and is no longer updated

How to join

Joining OSGeo:UK is free of charge, simply sign up to the mailing list to express your interest.

We organise face to face meetings when we can, such as at suitable geospatial events, and also have occasional IRC meetings at the #osgeo-uk channel on (new: IRC logs are here). Feel free to join us- sign up for the mailing list to get information on the next meetup.

You can also follow us on twitter (@osgeouk), or use the #osgeouk hashtag to get our attention!


OSGeo:UK wishes to establish a focal point for developers and users of open source geospatial software within the UK, for networking and advice, and to raise the profile of open source geospatial development within the UK. It wishes to promote open source geospatial software as a viable choice for all types of user. While it has been suggested that a separate local chapter could better serve the particular geographic and logistical requirements of Scotland, the UK chapter wishes to include all regions and countries within the UK and Ireland. If there is significant interest in forming geographically separate chapters, then the UK chapter will promote these sister organisations, assist with formation and growth, and collaborate in the holding of international events.

Our constitution can be found at, where you will also find the contact details for the current committee members.


  • To provide a forum for discussion and promotion of Open Source Geospatial Software in the UK, and provide networking opportunities for developers and users
  • To help more UK organisations discover the opportunity of open source geospatial tools, and collate business studies of successful transitions

Official representative

Jo Cook


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