OSGeo Sponsorship Opportunities

Welcome to another exciting year for OSGeo! Many of our most important initiatives are only possible thanks to the support of our volunteers and sponsors. If you are in position to support our community, events and activities in 2017 we would love to hear from you.

Foundation Sponsorship

OSGeo sponsorship is accumulated across events giving us a chance to recognize organizations that support us financially at each level of our community from local chapter meetups, project sprints, foundation initiatives, local FOSS4G events and this year’s global FOSS4G 2017 in Boston.
  • Platinum Sponsor: $20,000
  • Gold Sponsor: $10,000
  • Silver Sponsor: $3,000
  • Bronze Sponsor: $500
The Foundation Sponsorship program is the primary way of providing financial support for OSGeo. Funds are used to support day-to-day activities, collaborative tool infrastructure, promotional activities and more. Sponsorship benefits range from website placement, inclusion in promotional material, to events and press releases. For additional information, examples and available discounts, please see our sponsorship page, 2017 reference (or contact treasurer@osgeo.org with your questions).


We have two key OSGeo initiatives with fund raising targets in 2017:
  • Digital asset rebranding and website reboot: The marketing committee has volunteered to undertake an Expression of Interest and Request for Proposals process to revamp the OSGeo visual and online presence in 2017. This is a significant user-focused undertaking that would greatly benefit from your support!
  • OSGeo-UN GIS Hackathon: Our UN Committee would like to host sprints and workshops with UN partners as part of FOSS4G Africa 2017 July 1st. Additional fundraising is slated to help with travel costs allowing OSGeo project leads to attend.

Project Sponsorship

Each OSGeo Project has the opportunity to receive funds through project-specific donations at several predefined funding levels. Funds are allocated by the projects for tasks such as end-user support, fixing outstanding issues, and adding new functionality. Donors receive public acknowledgment through the project's sponsorship web page.

Event Sponsorship

FOSS4G is the annual international conference organized by OSGeo but representing many more projects and communities. There are many sponsorship opportunities through this conference which draws more than 500 people from around the world. It is the premier event for hands-on learning, face-to-face networking and meeting with other likeminded people and organizations. Event sponsorship opportunities: Code sprint sponsorship opportunities:
  • Daytona Beach Code Sprint 2017 - our annual code sprint takes place in North America this year, bringing together project members to make decisions and tackle larger geospatial problems.
  • Java 2017 Code Sprint - GeoServer team has pulled together a sprint for March 27th to focus on improvements to the REST API
  • Additional regional and project events will be announced throughout the year, keep your eye open for a chance to assist either financially or in person.