Mapbender Development Sprint in Freiburg, FOSSGIS 2008

2008-04-04 00:00
2008-04-04 23:59

the Mapbender development team invites everybody interested to its Mapbender Development Sprint on Friday 4th april 2008 in Freiburg following the FOSSGIS 2008.

We want to use this day, to improve some important things in Mapbender development directly in the code, e.g. update routines and internationalisation.

The sprint will (almost surely) take place in the Geology Department of Freiburg University (Natural Sciences Campus -> No. 13).

If you are interested to attend the sprint, please add your name to the list of participiants in the Mapbender-Wiki:
or write an email to the developer's list.

Other information and news regarding the sprint will also be published on this wiki-page. If you have questions, please feel free to post them to the mapbender mailing-list.