November CUGOS Meeting - 11/28/07 - LizardTech

2007-11-28 06:00
2007-11-28 08:00

Hello fellow CUGOSians,

Our regularly scheduled CUGOS [1] meeting would fall on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving which is traditionally a horrible day to travel or schedule anything... so we are going to postpone by one week. So, here are the details about our November 2007 CUGOS gathering:

WHEN: 6pm Wednesday November 28th, 2007 (Note this is the 4th Wednesday)
WHAT: CUGOS Monthly Meeting
WHERE: LizardTech offices [2]

This month we will have a lot to talk about. Some ideas that are in the works include:

- Running some Amazon EC2 processes in front of the group to demo the Elastic Compute Cloud concept (Aaron + Josh)
- Talking about production of KML via Open Source tools (Dane Springmeyer)
- Discussion of a new users experience with OSGIS tools (Peter Keum)
- Discuss more formally the idea of becoming an OSGEO regional chapter (mpg)
- Open forum about what people have been doing...
- Upcoming events (like in April etc...)

Looking forward to the meeting and seeing everyone again...


[1] Cascadia Users of Geospatial Open Source (CUGOS)


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