3rd gvSIG Conference

2007-11-14 09:00
2007-11-16 17:00

The third edition of the gvSIG Conference, the free open source GIS software of the Comunitat Valenciana will be celebrated the next November 14th, 15th, and 16th in the Valencia Conference Centre.

In this new edition, important news will be presented to the audience.

The participation in the conference is open, so we encourage any organization or person interested in giving a presentation to send a proposal of contents for its evaluation by the Scientific committee. The proposals can be sent since today until the deadline in June 20th
of 2007.

It is important to highlight that this 3rd edition act as a framework to the first open meeting of the European technological platform COSIRIS (Cooperation for Open Source Infrastructure for Run-time Integration of Services) whose one aim is to develop a European
industry of Open Source solutions. This conference will meet organizations from European countries presenting the results of their researches within COSIRIS framework in open sessions.

For further information, visit the conference's web page: