OSGeo Sponsorship Opportunities

Currently there are three ways to sponsor foundation activities and its projects.

Foundation Sponsorship

The Foundation Sponsorship program is the primary way of showing financial support for OSGeo. Funds are used to support day-to-day activities, collaborative tool infrastructure, promotional activities and more. The program offers several funding levels each with specific opportunities for donors to receive meaningful public recognition and opportunities.

Project Sponsorship

Each OSGeo Project has the opportunity to receive funds through project-specific donations at several predefined funding levels. Funds are allocated by the projects for tasks such as end-user support, fixing outstanding issues, and adding new functionality. Donors receive public acknowledgment through the project's sponorship web page.

Conference Sponsorship

FOSS4G is the annual international conference organized by OSGeo but representing many more projects and communities. There are many sponsorship opportunities through this conference which draws more than 500 people from around the world. It is the premier event for hands-on learning, face-to-face networking and meeting with other likeminded people and organizations.