2nd Annual Free GIS Days, Girona, Spain (II Jornadas de SIG Libre)

2008-03-03 00:00
2008-03-05 19:00

From II Jornadas de SIG Libre:

It's a pleasure for us to announce a new edition of the Open Source GIS Meeting that took place in Girona (Spain) in 2007. The previous meeting was without doubt an unprecedented success, pointing out the highest level of the participation and also the high level and quality of the communications presented during the event.

While the purpose of the first edition was to pulse the state of the art about the Open Source GIS software especially in the Spanish speaking community, and show real applications and experiences using any Open Source GIS software and their degree of presence in professional fields of work (pointing out advantages and disadvantages), during this II Open Source GIS Meeting, we are trying to emphasize the discussion about free geodata, open standards for open source software, the role that Public Administration could (or should play) in the adoption of GIS Open Source Software...

We are just launching some ideas... but your participation is fundamental to keep the wheel moving on.

Spanish will be the official language of the meeting.