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Introduction to FOSS GIS using QGIS .8, PostgreSQL, PostGIS, and the Grass plugin for QGIS This contains exercises that can be used in a classroom or for self-study as well as homework assignments and datasets needed for the exercises. The one open issue is that some of the PostGIS/PostgreSQL exercises require the use of an external dataset hosted on a server at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.Charlie Schweik, Alexander Stepanov, Maria Fernandez, Mike Hamel, Quentin Lewis2008-12-09 18:10
Supporting sustainable development: the GRASS GIS opportunity Two environmental relevant examples are worked out in this lab: 1)estimation of the quantity of potential solar energy that could be produced with solar panels using as input information the landscape morphology and the characteristics of building roofs obtainable from LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Digital Surface Models and Digital Terrain Models. 2)risk assessment due to tsunami events: hazard, vulnerability and expected damages maps are computed. Specifically the exercise consists in the estimation of the maximum vertical height of the tsunami waves hitting the coast (run-up) and the subsequent diffusion over the inland areas, as a function of morphology, vegetation, and of coastal area urbanization. The results are used to estimate hazard corresponding to different return period events, associated exposition and vulnerability . Maria Antonia Brovelli, Massimiliano Cannata and Monia Molinari2009-01-06 13:34
Software GIS open-source, o alternativă completă la soluţiile proprietare. Introducere, librării şi toolkit-uri de dezvoltare A gentle introduction to the open source concepts and continue with an overview of principal geospatial libraries and toolkits. Vasile Crăciunescu2009-01-07 20:05
II. Software GIS open-source, o alternativă completă la soluţiile proprietare. Aplicaţii desktop. Review of desktop FOSS4G applications. Vasile Crăciunescu2009-01-08 09:31
Utilizare Quantum GIS. Partea I: Introducere, vizualizare date, lucrul cu date raster. First part of the translation and adaptation in Romanian language of Gary Sherman's “Shuffling Quantum GIS into the Open Source GIS Stack” tutorial.Vasile Crăciunescu2009-01-08 09:38
Delinierea unui bazin hidrografic - O soluție open-source completă. Step by step tutorial describing how the QGIS + GRASS combination can be use for hydrological watershed delineation based on DEMs.Marius Jigmond2009-01-08 09:51
Realizarea şi adăugarea de noi simboluri în Quantum GIS Tutorial describing how a user can create and use custom cartographic symbols in QGIS.Mihai-Daniel Niţă2009-01-08 09:54
Manipularea datelor spaţiale folosind GDAL. I Date raster. Tutorial on using GDAL for raster data manipulation. Cristian Balint2009-01-08 09:58
Instalare GRASS pe platforme MacOSX Romanian tutorial for installing GRASS on MacOSX platfoms. Vasile Crăciunescu2009-01-08 10:00
Instalarea GRASS pe platforme Windows Romanian tutorial for installing GRASS on Windows platfoms. Vasile Crăciunescu2009-01-08 10:03
Georeferenţierea unei hărţi scanate Romanian tutorial describing how to georeference a map using QGIS. Mihai Terente2009-01-08 10:06
Definirea proiecţiei Stereo 70 pentru ILWIS omanian tutorial describing how the Stereo70 coordinate system can be defined in ILWIS. Mihai Terente2009-01-08 10:13
Utilizare PostGIS. Partea I: Instalare PostgreSQL + PostGIS. Romanian tutorial for installing and configuring PostgreSQl and PostGIS. Ion Nedelcu2009-01-08 10:17
Harta temperaturii medii lunare: metoda detrended kriging Tutorial describing how interpolate temperature values using detrended kriging method in SAGA GIS. Alexandru Dumitrescu 2009-01-08 10:25
Decuparea unui set de date grid folosind o mască vectorială Tutorial describing how to crop a GRID/DEM file using a vector mask in SAGA GIS. Vasile Crăciunescu2009-01-08 13:41
Obţinerea unui fundal topografic/batimetric global folosind datele ETOPO2 Step-by-step tutorial on creating a global shaded relief map using SAGA GIS. Vasile Crăciunescu2009-01-08 13:44
Explorarea 3D a realităţii geografice folosind VTP. Primii paşi. Introduction tutorial in using VTP (Virtual Terrain Project) suite for realistic 3D landscape visualization. Vasile Crăciunescu2009-01-08 13:47
Navigare 3D într-o pagină web folosind controlul ActiveX VTP (vtocx) Tutorial for using VTP ActiveX vtocx for 3D visualization inside browser. Vasile Crăciunescu2009-01-08 13:50
Accesarea datelor PostgreSQL în ArcMap prin PostGIS şi zigGIS Tutorial for using zigGIS to access date stored inside PostgreSQL+PostGIS from ArcMap.Marius Jigmond2009-01-08 13:54
Introduction to QGIS v.11 This contains exercises that can be used in a classroom or for self-study as well as homework assignments and datasets needed for the exercises. This was developed for use in a 200-level undergraduate class in a Natural Resources Conservation program. It utilizes data from the Massachusett's GIS group (www.mass.gov/mgis).Charlie Schweik, Maili Page, Alexander Stepanov, Maria Fernandez, Mike Hamel, Quentin Lewis2009-02-25 13:58
Introduction to the Event Visualization Tool (eVis) Tutorial for using the Event Visualization Tool (eVis) - a plugin for QGIS - which allows a user to link geographic coordinates to photos or other images in QGIS. Kevin Koy2009-02-26 12:02
Introduction to QGIS 0.9 and GRASS 6.2 Introductory tutorial designed for workshop use, concentrates on analysis, and integration of GRASS with QGISScott Mitchell2009-02-27 14:19
Tutorial for wildlife habitat suitability evaluation using GRASS and FOSS tar.gz package containing a HTML tutorial and relative dataset. This tutorial that can be followed during class or for self-education. Two examples are proposed in order to evaluate the habitat suitability for 2 mammal species, based on presence data and environmental variables using GRASS for geographic analysis and R for statistics.Clara Tattoni and Damiano G. Preatoni2009-03-04 15:57
FOSS4G 2007 GRASS and RDBMS Workshop DVD a DVD based on Kubuntu 7.0 containing slides, programs and data for the FOSS4G 2007 GRASS and DBMS Workshop, Victoria, Canada. Paolo Zatelli2009-03-04 16:03
Italian GRASS DVD 3.0 Kubuntu live DVD in Italian with various FOSS4G software and GRASS 6.2 tutorial in italian; Kubuntu installer in Italian; GRASS 6.2 for Windows with Cygwin; Qgis 0.8.0 for Windows and other FOSS programs for Windows and relative documentation;Paolo Zatelli2009-03-04 16:13
GIS e Cartografia numerica Slides from university course in PDF format, organised per lessons Paolo Zatelli, Battista Benciolini and Marco Ciolli2009-03-04 16:20
QGIS tutorial Self-education tutorial for learning how to visualise, query, edit and print maps with QGIS, plus an introduction to grass plugin. Based on the free data set Spearfish60.Clara Tattoni2009-03-04 16:25
GRASS Tutorial GRASS HTML Tutorial, based on freely available (and distributable) data. The structure of this tutorial is functional both for a new GRASS user and for a GRASS expert. The purpose of this work is to simplify the first approaches to GRASS, trough a series of examples and practical environmental applications of this GIS. Data is the free data set Spearfish60 downloadable from official GRASS website. A troubleshooting FAQ page is also available.Marco Ciolli, Paolo Zatelli, Alfonso Vitti, Fabio Zottele, Clara Tattoni2009-03-11 18:38
GRASS Tutorial GRASS HTML Tutorial, based on freely available (and distributable) data. The structure of this tutorial is functional both for a new GRASS user and for a GRASS expert. The purpose of this work is to simplify the first approaches to GRASS, trough a series of examples and practical environmental applications of this GIS. Data is the free data set Spearfish60 downloadable from official GRASS website. A troubleshooting FAQ page is also available.Marco Ciolli, Paolo Zatelli, Alfonso Vitti, Fabio Zottele, Clara Tattoni2009-03-11 18:38
FOSS4G 2008 GRASS beginners Workshop DVD This live DVD, based on Kubuntu live, contains slides, programs and data for the FOSS4G 2008 "Practical Introduction to GRASS and related software for beginners" Workshop, Cape Town, South Africa, October 2008. GNU/Linux OS, GRASS and other software can be installed directly from the DVD.Paolo Zatelli2009-03-12 15:20
Introduction to GIS: QGIS, GRASS & R 10 Labs for use with an introductory GIS course at the undergraduate level.Richard Plant PhD2009-04-14 02:38
MapServer OGC Web Services Workshop Interoperability is increasingly becoming a focus point for organizations that distribute and share data over the Internet. The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) focuses on the development of publicly available geospatial web standards. MapServer supports numerous OGC specifications, allowing users to publish their data services in an interoperable manner. This workshop will review the OGC specfications supported in MapServer as well as provide information on implementation options and issues, as well as what the future holds for OGC support in MapServerYewondwossen Assefa, Jean-François Doyon, Tom Kralidis, Steve Lime, Jeff McKenna, Daniel Morissette, Bart van den Eijnden2009-04-20 21:41
Учебное руководство по GRASS 6.0 Перевод на русский язык "An introduction to the practical use of the Free Geographical Information System GRASS 6.0"GIS-Lab.info (see link for full list)2009-04-20 23:24
Начало работы с GeoServer Описание начала работы с GeoServer, использующее материалы с официального сайта программы.Dmitry Kolesov2009-04-20 23:30
Руководство пользователя gvSIG 1.1 Перевод официального руководства gvSIG 1.1GIS-Lab.info (see link for full list)2009-04-20 23:33
SigLibres - French-language moodle course site on FOSSGIS Eclectic, and sometimes only in draft state, collection of French-language training material on FOSSGIS developed for a local training course, mostly using GRASS.Moritz Lennert2009-05-18 07:25
Using GDAL – Geospatial Data Abstraction Library – from a high-level programming language Perl Materials for a workshop that was held in OSGIS 2009 UK. Contains a hand-out, slides, and data.Ari Jolma2009-06-29 07:37
A Gentle Introduction to GIS A resource for learners and educators that tries to take a more gentle road to introducing GIS key concepts.Tim Sutton, Otto Dassau, Marcelle Sutton2009-07-15 21:10
CURSO DE MODELOS DE DISTRIBUCIÓN DE ESPECIES En este curso se utiliza software libre (OpenModeller, GRASS GIS, Octave y Open Office, entre otros) para aprender a generar modelos de distribución de especies biológicas. Estos modelos sirven para pronosticar los lugares en los que pueden aparecer nuevas poblaciones de plantas o animales, y sus objetivos son variados: diseño de reservas, búsqueda de nuevas poblaciones, predicción de invasiones biológicas, o análisis de impacto potencial del cambio climático en la distribución geográfica de las especies. El material, que se compone del software, tutorial y datos de prueba, se confeccionó para un curso de la Sociedad Española de la Biología de Conservación de Plantas que tuvo lugar en Septiembre de 2008. Por requerimientos del aula en la que se desarrolló el curso, el material disponible está preparado para un Sistema Operativo Windows XP, aunque todo el software está disponible también para Linux, por lo que es relativamente sencillo seguirlo desde esta plataforma libre.Blas Benito de Pando2009-07-21 13:03
INTRODUCCIÓN A BASES DE DATOS ESPACIALES DE USO LIBRE SQL SOBRE POSTGRESQL + POSTGIS USANDO EL CLIENTE PSQL Introduction to FOSS spatial databases: SQL with PostGreSQL and PostGISAlexys Herleym Rodríguez Avellaneda2009-07-21 20:03
Introdução ao MapServer O objetivo principal do curso Introdução ao MapServer é fazer com que o participante possa compreender os princípios básicos envolvidos na criação de uma aplicação webmapping e consiga realizar os seus primeiros passos no desenvolvimento de aplicações MapServer. Este material foi desenvolvido e publicado por Eduardo Patto Kanegae no ano de 2005.Eduardo Patto Kanegae2009-07-23 03:18
Open Web Mapping A Master's level course in web mapping using open standards and opensoftware. The examples use GeoServer and OpenLayers but the skills are applicable to other servers and clients (even proprietary ones)Ian Turton2009-09-16 17:45
Utilizare Quantum GIS. Partea a II-a: Digitizarea şi editarea datelor Tutorial for vector data editing using QGISCornel Tudose2009-09-27 19:32
Adăugarea coordonatelor X şi Y unui set de puncte Tutorial for adding XY coordinates to a vector database (point) using SAGA GISMihai Terente2009-09-27 19:36
Dezvoltarea de aplicaţii WEBGIS folosind soluţii open source. Partea I: Introducere OpenLayers First part from a series of tutorials focused on learning how to develop webmapping applications using OpenLayersVasile Crăciunescu2009-09-27 19:41
Soluţii WMS open source - Partea I A tutorial describing how to publish standard web mapping services using GeoServer Marius Jigmond2009-09-27 19:45
Extragerea de profile din fişiere de tip grid şi vector Tutorial for creating terrain profiles using several GIS software including QGISFlorin Iosub2009-09-27 19:50
Realizarea unui "super mozaic" raster folosind instrumente open source Tutorial for creating very large image mosaics using GDALVasile Crăciunescu2009-09-27 19:55
Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach. Third Edition A Romanian review for the "Open Source GIS: A GRASS GIS Approach. Third Edition" bookMihai Terente2009-09-27 19:58
The use of reStructured Text in the preparation of manuals for FOSS An explanation of how to setup syntax highlighting for reStructured Text in the text editors gEdit and Diffuse for use in the production of manuals in gvSIG and possibly other FOSS.Simon Christopher Cropper2010-04-24 14:37
GIS Basics with Quantum GIS Includes a set of practice data and exercises covering several GIS operations, and some presentations covering basic cartography and GIS principles. Micha Silver2010-07-26 13:25
How I set up GeoServer on an old machine A set of notes describing how I set up a basemap server for my group using PostGIS, GeoServer etc.Ian Turton2010-07-30 12:34
OSGeo-Live documentation 1 Page Overview Documentation + 5 minute Quick Start for GeoSpatial Open Source projects packaged on the OSGeo-Live DVDMultiple - Editor: Cameron Shorter2010-08-02 03:04
GISWEB modulo práctico Ejercicios prácticos con gvSIG y Sextante, basados en la herramienta de aprendizaje de SIG en la Web GISWEB. Módulo interactivo y multimediaJimena Martínez Ramos2010-09-08 10:55
"Introducing GIS" Tutorial with QGIS A GIS tutorial that includes step by step instructions and video clips to help you learn how to use Quantum GIS (QGIS). Includes a user guide. Also includes customized QGIS software with sample data for South Africa. Tim Sutton2010-10-16 22:27
Archaeological maps from qGIS and Inkscape: A brief guide Creation of maps in Quantum GIS and editing of the same in Inkscape for the production of map illustrationsRobinson, Christina and Campbell, Dana and Hodgkinson, Anna 2010-11-25 17:38
pgRouting workshop FOSS4G routing with pgRouting tools, OpenStreetMap road data and GeoExtDaniel Kastl, Frédéric Junod2011-01-16 14:18
Desarrollo de aplicaciones geográficas web: OpenLayers Material del curso Experto en Desarrollo y Gestión de Sistemas de Información Geográfica de la Universidad de Cantrabria cubriendo conceptos básicos de cartografía en Internet e introducción al framework OpenLayersVíctor Velarde2011-01-31 16:35
Spatial Operations Tutorial for uDig Framework Reusing Existent Spatial Process Integrating Sextante This document is a description of how third parties can contribute to the Spatial Operations framework. The Spatial Operations framework, promoted by Gipuzkoa Provincial Council - Mobility and Land Planning Department, provides a template where the spatial operations can be displayed and executed. It is integrated into uDig. In this tutorial it is assumed that you know the uDig framework and your Eclipse environment is configured with uDig SDK. You can find good documents in the uDig Developers page.Aritz Davila, Mauricio Pazos2011-02-02 10:52
Spatial Operations Tutorial for uDig Framework Adding a New Spatial Operation This document is a description of how third parties can contribute to the Spatial Operations framework. The Spatial Operations framework provides a template where the spatial operations can be displayed. It is integrated in uDig. In this tutorial it is assumed that you know the uDig framework and your Eclipse environment is configured with uDig SDK. You can find good documents in the uDig Developers page.Alain Jimeno, Aritz Davila, Miguel Alonso, Mauricio Pazos2011-02-02 11:00
Introduction to GIS Using Open Source Software This tutorial was created to accompany the GIS Practicum, a day-long workshop offered by the Newman Library at Baruch College CUNY that introduces participants to geographic information systems (GIS) using the open source software QGIS. The practicum introduces GIS as a concept for envisioning information and as a tool for conducting geographic analyses and creating maps. Participants learn how to navigate a GIS interface, how to prepare layers and conduct a basic geographic analysis, and how to create thematic maps.Frank Donnelly2011-07-05 21:45
Introduction to GRASS GIS Seminar presented at Geostat2011, Landau, Germany - Objective: Introduction to GRASS GIS: from history and background to statistical modules and GRASS+R - General description: The tutorial will begin with a general introduction to GRASS with a few exercises to get familiar with GRASS. Emphasis will be put on some important concepts of GRASS: locations, computational regions and vector topology. The amount of exercises will then increase from session to session, ending with GRASS – R interaction. - Required back-ground knowledge: GIS and spatial data processing, statistics. - Software / R packages required: GRASS 6.4.1, 6.4.2 or 6.5, R stats.Markus Neteler and Markus Metz2011-08-12 10:13
FOSS4G tutorials developed by Carleton University 4th year geomatics students Students in this class complete final projects designed to explore free and open source GIS software of their choice, in an application which is also largely their own choice (with instructor approval).Students in Scott Mitchell's GEOM4008 course2011-09-13 05:24
Basic Quantum GIS and Webmapping This workshop is a technical demonstration and hands-on tutorial in the use of Quantum GIS (a free and open source GIS software) for creating and producing maps. This training workshop focuses on the basic interface and data exploration tools of QGIS. At the end of the training/workshop, participants should be able to: 1) install QGIS, 2) navigate the basic interface of QGIS, 3) transform and create geospatial data from field reports and other non-map based information, 4) perform basic vector data processing, 5) prepare paper-based maps and, 5) publish simple webmaps. Materials was used for the Wildlife Conservation Society of The Philippines 2011 Annual Symposium.Emmanuel "Maning" Sambale2011-12-08 05:27
Introducción a GeoServer Taller introductorio a GeoServer: Qué es Geoserver Instalación Gestionar Capas GeoWebCache Seguridad ConfiguraciónMaría Arias de Reyna Domínguez2012-09-18 09:01
Introducción a OpenLayers Taller introductorio a OpenLayers: Qué es OpenLayers Visualización Mapa Básico Visualizar Capas Controles Creación de Nuevos ControlesMaría Arias de Reyna, Alejandro Díaz2012-09-18 09:04
Introducción a PostGIS Qué es PostGIS El tipo Geometría Funciones Básicas ConfiguraciónMaría Arias de Reyna2012-09-18 09:06
Taller de Routing Breve Introducción Teórica Cálculo de rutas en entornos reales pgRouting Shooting Star OSRM ¿Qué es OpenLS? Cómo implementar OpenLS GoFleetLS ConclusionesMaría Arias de Reyna Dominguez2012-09-18 09:09
Elaboración de Polígonos de Thiessen Con Qgis Arnold Fernández Rivas2012-09-24 17:34
Instalación de Sextante en Qgis Arnold Fernández Rivas2012-09-24 17:36
Georreferenciación de Imagen con Qgis Arnold Fernández Rivas2012-09-24 17:37
Using the CORINE2000 land cover/ land use data base with GRASS-GIS under Ubuntu-linux 8.04 This tutorial shows how to use information from the CORINE2000 land cover data base with GRASS-GIS under the Ubuntu-linux operating system.Nikos Alexandris2012-10-10 17:36
Workshop on GeoNetwork's HTML5 UI How to handle widgets on geonetwork's UIMaría Arias de Reyna Domínguez2013-09-21 11:21
Introduction to the NYC Geodatabase (nyc_gdb) Open Source Version This tutorial uses this specific resource, a spatial database of New York City features and census data, to introduce Spatialite. Exercises include mapping Spatialite features in QGIS and using the Spatialite GUI to perform SQL and Spatial SQL queries and to create new database objects.Frank Donnelly2013-11-06 22:08
Working with Raster Data in QGIS This tutorial focuses on working with raster data in QGIS with an emphasis on elevation models and includes: downloading, tiling, and warping (re-projecting) DEMs and DRGs and creating hillshades and contour lines.Joseph Paccione2014-08-11 14:14