Welcome to the Spotlight Archive

Welcome to the Spotlight Archive. On this page you will find all of the interviews of members at OSGeo.org.

Spotlight: Markus Neteler

Markus is the leader of the GRASS GIS project, and has played a pivotal role in the revitalization of the project and it's community. Markus is also a founding member of OSGeo and has been active in building the broader FOSS4G community for many years. At the FOSS4G 2006 conference, Markus Neteler was honored with the Sol Katz GFOSS Award for 2006. Read on for Markus' interview.

Spotlight: Tom Kralidis - 5/1/06

Tom Kralidis Tom Kralidis (tomkralidis) is a participant at OSGeo.org and an employee of Environment Canada. Tom is primarily a user of MapServer (and underlying packages) and mapbuilder and also supports OGC specifications for open source projects. Read on for more in the Tom Kralidis Developer Spotlight.

Spotlight: Paul Spencer

Paul Spencer (pagameba) is one of the voting members of the OSGeo Foundation. Paul is participating in the governance through the incubation committee. Read on for Paul's interview.

Spotlight: Andrew Morsell P.E. - 5/31/06

Andrew Morsell Andrew Morsell (amorsell) is a MapGuide user and part of the Autodesk developer network. Andrew is not just an ordinary fellow, he owns Spatial Integrators, Inc., a GIS consulting company located in Spokane, Washington. Let's learn some more about this very interesting member of our OSGeo community. Read on for Andrew's interview.