Foundation Membership

Foundation Membership

Open Source Geospatial Foundation Membership

Foundation Members

The membership nomination and election process is now complete. We are currently working on an Associate Membership process. We would like to stress that while the foundation needs a voting membership in order to insure that a board which is reasonably representative of the broad community is selected, in essentially all other ways anyone can contribute equally to the work of the foundation. As the OSGeo FAQ says:

"A non-voting (i.e. associate) member can do everything a voting member can do, except vote in board elections. They can be members of committees and vote on them. They can speak up, and contribute in every other way. The foundation aims to be a do-acracy, and so the way to have influence is to do things! Ultimately, of course, the foundation will only succeed in its mission if the entire community gets involved -- so please don't hesitate! We need your help!"

The following community members have been selected as additional voting members of the foundation :

Andrey Kiselev
Ari Jolma
Bart van den Eijnden
Cameron Shorter
Daniel Morissette
David Blasby
Gary Sherman
Helena Mitasova
Helton Uchoa
James MacGill
Jason Birch
Jeff McKenna
Jeroen Ticheler
Jody Garnett
Jo Walsh
Justin DeOlivera
Mike Adair
Ned Horning
Norman Vine
Paul Spencer
Rafael Medeiros Sperb
Toru Mori
Venkatesh Raghavan
V. Ravi Kumar

Original voting members admitted February 4, 2006 at OSGeo organizational meeting in Chicago:

Allan Doyle
Arnulf Christl
Bob Bray
Chris Holmes
Claude Philipona
Dave McIlhagga
Frank Warmerdam
Gary Lang
Howard Butler
Ian Turton
Jon Scarbrough
Mark Lucas
Markus Neteler
Michael Gerlek
Paul Ramsey
Pericles Nacionales
Rich Steele
Schuyler Erle
Steve Lime
Tom Burk
Tyler Mitchell