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Call for Membership Nominations


In Chicago it was resolved to add a second tranche of members as quickly
as practical after the meeting, bringing our membership up to 45. This
email is the formal call for nominations.

Nominations should be emailed to Chicago@osgeo.org and should include
a paragraph describing the qualifications of each nominated candidate.

All nominations should be in by 9:00am (Pacific time - GMT+8) on Thursday
February 16th. After that they will be collected and the existing
membership will vote to select 24 new members from the nominations.

Please verify with any nominee that they are willing to stand for membership
before nominating them.

Nominations already sent to chicago@osgeo.org will also be incorporated.

Note that you do not need to be an existing member to nominate someone,
and self-nomination is fine.

Previously suggested (but unofficial) membership selection criteria

o The person should have made a contribution to open
source geospatial software already.

o The person should be willing to put in time and effort
on the foundation, perhaps joining committee(s), or
volunteering in some other way that gets the foundation

o Members should believe in the general goals of the
foundation. To support and promote the use of
open source geospatial software in a collaborative
manner (my words).

o Members selected should provide a diversity of
geographic representation in the foundation.

o Members selected should provide representation
of a diversity of projects. For instance, we have a
strong desire to see the "java tribe" well represented
in the foundation. We don't want the membership
dominated by folks from just one project.

o Members selected should provide representation of
a diversity of interests (eg. corporate, hobbyist,
educational, scientific).

o Members should be prepared to works constructively
and positively towards the goals of the foundation.
Good teamwork skills are an asset.


Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam@pobox.com>
Director on the Board of the Open Source Geospatial Foundation