OSGeo: Second Round Board Nominations 3/14/2006

OSGeo: Second Round Board Nominations 3/14/2006

Second Round Board Nominations 3/14/2006

The following are the board nominations for the second round election of the OSGeo Foundation Board of Directors


Nominator, Seconds

Nomination Text

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Jody Garnett

Cameron Shorter, Frank Warmerdam

I'd like to nominate Jody Garnett for the OSGeo Board.

Jody sits across many of the java based OS GIS projects:
He is the OSGeo representative, PMC member and developer for Geotools,
He is the architect and team lead for UDig,
He is a developer on Geoserver,
In the OGC he is involved with GeoAPI and improving OGC standards (especially during the OWS3 testbed),
He has been hacking Geospatial code for over 10 years and currently works for Refractions Research.

Jody's commitment to Open Source, GIS and building communities ooses out of him, which is why I strongly recommend him for the board.


I would like to second this nominations since Cameron beat me to it.

- Frank Warmerdam

Michael Gerlek

Chris Holmes, Gary Lang, self

I had never met or heard of Michael before the meeting in Chicago, but I found his contributions and advice to be incredibly valuable.  He played a key role in helping to figure out the initial governance bootstrapping, and since has followed up with solid contributions to the wiki and sounding in on the irc channel.  I think he would continue to provide a very reasoned and well thought out voice in the continued bootstrapping of the foundation.

He could also prove a great resource on the board as an ambassador to proprietary software vendors to build on technologies like GDAL, OSSIM, GeoTools and FDO, a role he's excited about.  And I'm happy to nominate him despite a short track record of os geo software experience, since he already seems quite committed to helping out and spreading OSGeo, regardless of the outcome.

Seconded. - Gary Lang
My "agenda", then, is to make sure we reach out to that part of the 
geo community that is today just trying to build good products and 
make some money -- to get them to understand the business proposition 
of the reuse and quality value in existing open source geo packages.  
To teach them that they can use open source internally and within 
their products, without necessarily having to give up their IP or 
open up their entire product line.  To teach them about the value of 
submitting patches back, and to consider donating some money or 
manpower to these projects. Later still, perhaps, to consider opening 
up some of their own lesser projects, and to go on the record about 
their use and support of open source software.
 full text at: 
 - Michael Gerleck

Ned Horning

Tyler Mitchell, Frank Warmerdam

Ned works in the Center for Biodiversity and Conservation for the American 
Museum of Natural History (http://cbc.amnh.org/) as program manager for 
remote sensing and GIS. He is an active promoter of open source geospatial 
tools in the global conservation community, including the development of 
teaching materials using these tools.  He sees the bigger picture from an 
end-user perspective and has plenty of ideas for how he would like to see 
them come together for the greater good.  I believe more of this perspective 
would be valuable to have on the board and help ensure that the overall 
direction of the foundation is geared toward productive end use of our 
products.  He is active in the conservation domain which has great need for 
OSGeo tools.  He is a likable guy and easy to get along with - his vision and 
enthusiasm are encouraging.  He is doing some great stuff...

For further background I quote Gary Geller's nomination for Ned from 

"...Ned is the Remote Sensing and GIS Program Manager for the American Museum 
of Natural History’s Center for Biodiversity Conservation (CBC). He has 
explicitly included the development and promotion of open source geospatial 
software in his work plan to have the necessary institutional support to 
continue to support this work as part of his professional duties. 
 He has been closely following free and open source geospatial software 
development for over 10 years and has actively participated in a number of 
projects: Currently funding feature development for OpenEV. Added geospatial 
capabilities to NIH Image to support a NASA education project – A Mac 
application that has since been superseded by ImageJ. 

Participated in the NASA Image2000 software project that was eventually going
to be released to the open source community although the funding plug got 
pulled and the project abruptly stopped. Secured money for QGIS development 
starting in the spring of 2006. Teaches week-long remote sensing courses using 
only free and open source software.”

I would like to second Ned's nomination. 

Ned has a thoughtful vision of where open source geospatial applications can go, and has worked to making them get there.

Mark Lucas

Frank Warmerdam, Gary Lang, Ned Horning, Pericles Nacionales

Mark has been a supporter of Open Source for many years, and launched
the RemoteSensing.org portal back in 1999 or so.  For me, the facilities
and community focus it provided was pivotal in launch of GDAL.  Mark
also launched the OSSIM project and held together his team after they
migrated out of ImageLinks.  Mark has good contacts in the US federal
government, and is helping to bring open source methodologies into some
groups there.

Also telling was a comment Mark made in the Chicago meeting.  He stressed
that we were all there because we wanted to find a way of making what
we love to do (writing/using open source geospatial software) sustainable.
I think he has the organizational smarts, contacts, enthusiasm and
perseverance to held us accomplish that as a foundation.

Second - Gary Lang

Well said. I'd like to echo your support for the nomination of Mark 
to the board. I don't know him well but have noted all of the 
qualities you mention through personal communication, his 
participation in RemoteSensing.org and OSSIM, and the Open Source 
Geospatial meetings. He seems to be a good compliment to the existing 
 - Ned Horning        

I second this nomination.  +1


Helena Mitasova

Markus Neteler, Ari Jolma

Helena is in Open Source GIS since the '80s and a strong and long term
contributor not only to the GRASS GIS project, but to Open Source
geospatial technologies in general. I know Helena for 10 years, others
in this forum maybe for even longer.

She provides a valuable link to academia and also brings perspective
from academia. Not just North Carolina State University, but she meets
with people from other universities as well. She wants to promote OSGeo
in UCGIS - University Consortium for GIScience), and can also bring some
insight into US government sponsored GIS-research (federal and NC state).
She can provide connections to East Europe, too.

She wants to contribute to the core curriculum project of OSGeo and
has a lot of experience with graduate students from a great variety of
disciplines, from engineering, natural resources, computer science,


Dave McIlhagga

Frank Warmerdam, Jason Birch, Gary Lang, Tyler Mitchell, Pericles Nacionales

I have known Dave since around 1997 when he, Daniel Morissette and I
all worked for PCI.  When he and Daniel struck out on their own he already
had a great client service ethic.  But over the following few years he
also came to appreciate the transformative power of Open Source in his
own business and in providing his clients better value and quality.

Since then the name DM Solutions has become synonymous with open source and
he has become a prophet of the benefits of MapServer and Open Source around the world. His efforts on the OSGIS'04 conference, and his support for
MapServer and MapTools.org have also been appreciated by the community.

Dave has great experience in selling the value of open source geospatial
technologies in the hard edged business world.  He also has community
building skills, and a willingness to do the right thing even if it not
the most expedient for his own business needs.

Dave played a critical role in the launch of OSGeo, and I look forward
keeping his nose to the grindstone to help make it a big success.

Seconded - Jason Birch
I second the nomination.
  - Gary Lang
I agree wholeheartedly - Dave has helped fill critical needs in the 
osgeo community and was key in launching the foundation initiative.  
I would really like to see him on the board to help provide his 
insights, ideas and management skills.  I have presented alongside 
Dave at various conferences and kicked many ideas around with him 
over the past few years - it is always a pleasure to work with him.


I second that!


Venkatesh Raghavan

Markus Neteler, Jeff McKenna, Helena Mitasova

I am honored to nominate Dr. Venkatesh Raghavan 
professor at Osaka City University in Japan, for one of the 
OSGeo board of directors seats.

Venka is well known in Asia for his promotion of FOSS4G. He co-ordinated the 
successful FOSS/GRASS 2004 International conference in Bangkok, Thailand 

Preceeding this conference Jeff McKenna from DM Solutions and me (I was  
awarded a fellowship from Venka to come to Japan and hold a couple of seminars 
in FOSS geomatics) came to Osaka to join the discussions. It was there in 
Bangkok then, over a few drinks, that initial discussions of a joint 
international FOSS geomatics conference for 2006 were discussed, in particular 
by Venka, Dave McIlhagga, Jeff and me. But I can honestly say that it was 
Venka's passion for FOSS geomatics that got the ball rolling. A very 
personable person, Venka has a way of setting you at ease, that hopefully all 
of you will get to experience.

Venka has been a big promoter of FOSS geomatics in the Asian market.  He has 
personally contributed to FOSS by being instrumental in bringing international 
character support (i18N) to GRASS and MapServer (see http://www.foss4g.org/), 
writing a tutorial as well as creating FOSS4G installers for Mandrake Linux 
(including a MapServer/MapLab rpm available on maptools.org).

Venka possesses a passion for FOSS geomatics, and, after discussing this with 
Jeff McKenna, we both feel that he would be a great asset to have on the board.

Venka is currently traveling through Vietnam and Thailand, but he has said that 
when he returns he is excited to take more of an active role in the OSGeo 

I second the nomination.  As mentioned by Markus, it was Venka's vision that brought (and will bring) the GRASS and MapServer communities together initially.  He is already a respected voice in SE Asia for FOSS4G, and his voice would be even stronger with a seat on the board.

Having travelled to SE Asia, I can tell you that I was surprised and impressed with how vibrant and active the FOSS4G community is there. It's for this reason that I think this is an important nomination.

- Jeff McKenna

I second Venka's nomination too. - Helena Mitasova

Jo Walsh

Jason Birch, Schuyler Earle, Tyler Mitchell

Jo Walsh is a respected member of the open geospatial community, 
with a strong involvement in open data.

I feel honoured to nominate Jo for consideration in the upcoming OSGeo 
board elections.
   - Schuyler Earle
I second that as well.  Jo is level-headed and has been looking out 
for the end users and public in general, particularly with her 
advocacy for open data, but certainly not limited to this.  Whether 
it's natural or not, she appears to be a natural organiser for 
bringing together people of like mind for the greater good.  I also 
believe she can see the bigger picture of how tools, processes, data, 
etc. can all be tied together into a more cohesive infrastructure for 
future possibilities - that is something that I think we could all 
 -Tyler Mitchell