OSGeo Logo: Usage, History, and Downloads

Logo Usage

These are the official logos for the Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo). Please respect our trademark guidelines when using our logos.

Logo History

The OSGeo logo was created as part of a contest shortly after the formation of the foundation. As part of the contest, we received many great submissions and held a vote to determine the winner.

Aaron Koning's submission came out on top. The initial submission was subsequently altered to allow for easier printing, but the initial clear design concept remains.

Logo Downloads

The OSGeo logos are available in SVN in several different formats, colour models, and versions

File Formats

The OSGeo logos are offered in several file formats including:
  • PNG - Medium quality raster image suitable for web layout and presentations
  • EPS - Encapsulated PostScript high quality vector format suitable for press
  • SVG - Alternate high quality vector format


This is just the hex colors for a start, Pantone will follow. The EPS contains a CMYK color palette.
  • Light green 9fcf67
  • Dark green 47aa42
  • Background of compass: ffffff (white)
  • Background: 000000 (transparent)
Background of compass: fefefe (offwhite, if problems with transparency) Sponsor blue: 0055a5
In addition, two colour models are available in the EPS and TIF file formats (except the grayscale versions):
  • CMYK - Four colour process model
  • PMS - Spot colour Pantone (PMS 362/375) ink model.


The OSGeo logo is available in several versions, with and without a tagline. The tagline "Your Open Source Compass" is the standard version that can be used anywhere. To use any of the other version you need to have a mandate to do so. This applies for OSGeo projects, software in incubation, sponsorship or a local chapter. Especially for Local Chapters feel free to modify and integrate the OSGeo logo components into whatever you already had. Ideally you send your version to the Marketing Committee so that they can have a look at whether our corporate or foundational identity is still recognizable. This committee will also answer to any questions that you might still have.

All OSGeo logos are available for download individually in our OSGeo Marketing SVN

Standard Logo

This is the standard full-color version of the OSGeo logo, to be used in most scenarios.
Full colour logo